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No, Candace Owens – You have not found your purpose

By Gugulethu Hughes

Editor’s note: The opinions expressed here are those of the authors. View more opinion on ScoonTV.

Most people use the festive season to go on holidays for unwinding and refueling for the new year. This past festive season was “life-changing” for Candace Owens in very intricate ways, at least according to the conservative author, media personnel, and “Blexit” founder. On her first YouTube channel show for the new year, Candace spoke passionately about her trip to “Africa” where she walked the sand of the Kalahari Desert and killed a gemsbok while on a hunting escapade. According to Candace Owens, her success in hitting the heart of the gemsbok at 250m was more than just a kill. Rather, it made her rethink survival strategies as we face the New World Order juggernaut which seeks to control the food supply chain, among other ills.

There is something inherently wrong with how Candace Owens narrates her hunting trip. Her understanding of the hunting industry is either non-existent, or a cross between total ignorance and absolute mischief. While her YouTube monologue is titled “Why I’m not afraid to talk about hunting,” she does not mention which part of Africa she went to for hunting. She comes across like most Americans who possess zero sense of geography.

For the benefit of the reader, the Kalahari cuts across three African countries, mainly Botswana, a third of Namibia, and a large portion of the Northern Cape province of South Africa. The constant is that hunting is a thriving industry in these and all other African countries where there is ample game.

This is an industry that was created for the satisfaction of white travelers and settlers. It is a sport more than anything, hence trophy hunting. The cost of acquiring hunting licenses is very prohibitive for the black majority who are economically marginalized and only have enough time to work for the white man to put food on the table.

About 80% of the South African economy is in the hands of minority European settlers, 70% for Namibia, while 30% of Botswana’s population survives on less than $1 per day. Hunting licenses are issued by government departments that deal with the environment, themselves an extension of white colonial interests in Africa.

South Africa is the world’s largest hunting destination. The hunting safari companies are predominantly white in all the African countries. For Candace Owen’s convenience, she doesn’t mention how much she paid to kill a gemsbok because doing so would pour scorn on her imagined journey of “discovery.”

Candace makes a case for the hunting industry by arguing that it prevents poaching from happening, which in her view is driven by Chinese desire for penis enlargement using rhino horn powder. She goes on to finger some jurisdictions in Africa that previously banned hunting for having a lack of understanding that hunting saves the animal population. Her rant proves she never made an effort to apply critical thinking, but rather stuffed her mind with colonial conservation literature.

She speaks passionately about how President Donald Trump found fault in countries that took a decision to ban hunting. That further validated her indoctrination and transformed it to a genius understanding of the politics of conservation. Perhaps the most disturbing part of her monologue is when she stated that she felt wholesome after shooting a gemsbok because it meant she would feed hungry African children. As if that was enough, she also lamented that hunting is a means of providing food to Africans by trophy hunters.

Candace Owens, and many who think like her, ought to understand that for us Africans, hunting is something natural; it’s not an industry. The safari game farms, where colonial hunting takes place, were created by displacing black people from their land. Our way of life was disrupted by the same white people that provide the likes of Candace with opportunities to be “wholesome.” We co-existed with animals, and there never was animal population concerns until the arrival of settlers. Unsurprisingly, they used the same argument to justify grabbing our land for their own use to experience “Africa.”

Environmental conservation is not foreign to us, we are born with innate ability to conserve. Whatever form of starvation Candace imagines to be happening in Africa cannot be solved by trophy hunting, but rather by settlers returning the land back to its owners, i.e., black people. As someone who claims to have had an awakening, I implore Candace Owens to provide proof of starving African children that got fed the gemsbok meat made possible by her rifle. What I can assure her is that the price of game meat is too expensive for Africans, at most it goes into the white privilege meat supply chain.

There is something even more disturbing about Candace Owens, which most likely influenced her hunting trip to Africa. It has got nothing to do with humanity or any form of awakening. Candace is married to George Farmer, son of British House of Lords member and Tories’ former treasurer Michael Farmer. George was a member of Bullingdon Club, defined as “an all-male dining club associated with Oxford University and known for its posh, super-rich members and their notoriously bad behavior, including trashing restaurants and student rooms.” The other previous members of the Bullingdon Club include the likes of former British Prime Ministers David Cameron, Boris Johnson, and former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

Michael Farmer has previously donated millions to the Tories while George Farmer has served as Chairman for Turning Point UK, a right-wing political organization pushing its agenda in schools, universities, and colleges. George Farmer is at most a true representation of British degeneracy. This is evidenced by his 2013 trip to South Africa with his Bullingdon Club crew where they shot dozens of sand grouse, popped champagne, and left dirt on the sand.

The fact that Candace Owens went hunting with her husband George Farmer is proof that her so-called awakening is false. Instead, she got attested into a pathetic colonial ritual and higher-level degeneracy. Her hunting trip to “Africa” has George Farmer written all over it. Therefore, it’s no surprise that mostly white hunters celebrated her for what they call “bravery.” She has validated their immorality.

One hunter on Africa Hunting wrote the following about Candace Owens’ hunting experience, “Hey guys, Candace Owens, a fairly recently married black conservative woman, recently went to Africa for 10 days and… “got switched on!” She hunted a gemsbok, shot it at about 250 meters off the sticks and did a decent job relating the story. She is becoming one of us…”

Later, they wrote, Pretty damn cool, she does a pretty great job describing what we all feel as we hunt or kill an animal and all the peripheral things that go along with hunting. Here is an opportunity to give am “almost” non-hunter kudos for breaking the code and becoming one of us.” All comments on the post sing a similar hymn, and all the hunters are not African.

To the innocent viewer that got sold a nice story on hunting and conservation by Candace Owens, here is a perfect introduction to hunting and conservation that paints the true picture: “The New African Colonies, a Talk by Mordecai Ogada.” Here’s a necessary read: “The Big Conservation Lie.”

Citizens of the world are better off seeking better understanding of conservation in Africa from Africans, and not the likes of Candace Owens who associate with degenerates hanging African animal carcasses in their homes.

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Gugulethu Hughes


Gugulethu Hughes is the ScoonTV Africa correspondent

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