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No one said human farming would be easy

By Douglas Marolla 

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“No one said human farming would be easy.” 

That line is from Stefan Molyneux’s video “The story of your enslavement.” I show that video to my college credit 12th grade students every year as part of the public speaking curriculum.  I use it as a video example of a persuasive presentation that has a catchy yet disturbing title, and then backs it up. 

In the video, Molyneux explains the relationship between the elite, often the government, and regular citizens. He does a good job of explaining how the tax cattle, also known as the people or the masses, are manipulated into feeling as free as possible without being free. The rationale for the rulers is that the tax cattle that feel the freest will produce the most “milk.” If you have slavery the old way, where you have people shackled and beaten, that slave will not produce as much “milk” for the farmer. Molyneaux points out that the government is skilled in making you feel that you are free in the United States. And in doing so, you produce as much “milk” as possible. You produce “milk” for the elites and the top of the pyramid, and not for yourself, your family, or your neighborhood.  

What Molyneaux doesn’t do is define or explain what he means by “milk.” I’ve considered this question for many years, and it looks like that the equivalent of Milk produced by cows is akin to the amount of people paying attention, or the number of eyeballs watching, and the amount of belief. We provide the eyeballs and the attention to whatever the elite-controlled Nonsense Machine spits out. 

Much like a farmer uses crop rotation, the top of the pyramid uses crop rotation too – but they use scary events or narratives. The pattern I’ve recognized over the years shows the rotation to be:  

  1. Fear – Use or create an event to stoke fear. 
  1. Spend – get people to run out to the store and spend like mad. 
  1. War – get the MIC churning and the people fixated on “The Enemy.” 

What I mean by the above is shown by the events of September 11th. That was an era of fear. We were told to go out and spend almost immediately. For example, Rudy Giuliani told New Yorkers that they should go to see a popular Broadway play called “The Producers.” Then within the year, they brought us to war. Not with Saudi Arabia or any of the countries that the hijackers came from, but to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. The liberal/progressive side of the political spectrum correctly stated that going to war with Iraq was like Roosevelt going to war with Mexico after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.  They went through with it, and it worked because people were afraid.  Remember “Islamofascism?”  I do.  Any idea what happened to it?  Did it vanish?  Did it stop?  No one seems to know or care. 

Sometimes people try to stop the cycle and they break away from the herd and annoy the tax cattle by asking questions about the scary event that everyone is so afraid of. For example, there were a lot of people who asked questions after September 11th about the buildings falling straight down, as in a controlled demolition. Many people are still wondering about building #7. Building 7 was hit by nothing. It wasn’t next to one of the twin towers, (building 5 was in between) and yet it fell exactly in the manner as tower 1 and tower 2 – straight down in its own footprint – as if it had been demolished. Larry Silverstein, the owner, stated that it was damaged, and they “had to pull it”.  “Pull it” is industry jargon for initiating a controlled demolition.  Asking questions about Building 7 to this day gets people angry. If you want to ask a True Believer about Building 7 you will be faced with anger, and you’ll be called many bad names, among them “conspiracy theorist.” No one said human farming is supposed to be easy. Sometimes the cattle fight with one another. 

More recently we had virus fear. We had the Novel Coronavirus Era. It lasted about 18 months. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but, in the news, even in corporate news, there are reports of health issues regarding people who were denied treatment because hospitals were open ONLY to those with COVID-19. Cancer rates are spiking. The deleterious effects of the lockdowns, physical, intellectual, and emotional are being reported   All these things were talked about during the Novel Coronavirus Era. However, anyone who spoke about these things was pilloried and vilified as a “conspiracy theorist,” or a “science denier.” If you followed the science that existed before March 2020, it was obvious that lockdowns were a mistake. Closing schools was a mistake. Staying indoors was a mistake. Sending sick people into nursing homes was a mistake. Wearing a mask was not only a mistake, but pointless. All these things are being reported on by the corporate press as we speak. You do not have to go to the alternative press to find this information. 

What that means is the Novel Coronavirus era is officially over. It’s no longer necessary or acceptable or cool to fear COVID-19. It came out recently that the effects of the vaccine may wear off faster than previously known. If you said that in late 2020 through June 2021, you were immediately canceled. Government officials, with few exceptions, health officials, entertainers, and social media told you that if you got the Coronavirus vaccine you were protected from COVID. Interesting how quickly things have changed. 

Now we’ve moved on to a new crop. The herd has been pushed to a new area of the field with new grass and food. We are told to be afraid of Russia and support Ukraine. We are being told simultaneously that climate change is an imminent threat and is going to destroy the world. We’re also being told that the dollar is on the downswing in terms of power and worldwide viability. You don’t hear much about the dollar because it would lead people to think about alternatives like gold, silver, farmland, perhaps even Bitcoin. No one said human farming was going to be easy. 

So, the parallel to farmers and human farmers is very close. As a farmer rotates crops, the top of the pyramid rotates events or phases and we respond accordingly. I don’t know what the next section of the field will be, or how the next area of grass will taste, but I do know this it’s easier to navigate a complex and at times confusing world if you understand that the first step is always fear. 

If you weren’t afraid of the Coronavirus, and I wasn’t, not because I’m some amazing doctor or I have some secret knowledge, all you had to do was look at the CDC numbers and realize that it was a virus that affected people who were immunocompromised or over 70 years old. If you didn’t fit into those two categories, there was no reason to be nervous. 

You didn’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see that – you just had to look at the numbers that they were putting out. Of course, very few did. Then, when you see the backwards logic of the hyper and rapid response to Covid versus the facts on the ground, you realize that you’re being managed.  

I talk about this stuff in class reasonably often. We speak openly about these topics in my high school classes.  Young people see the pattern and many of them can never unsee it. Being teenagers, they don’t really care what the other adults think of them, so they’re more than willing to have unorthodox opinions. 

Perhaps it’s time to follow the old saying from the 1960s: “Question authority.” The hippies said it and put the slogan on their love buses, but they didn’t stick with it. Maybe we should.

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Douglas Marolla

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