Emboldened by new California laws that make it nearly impossible for cops to bust prostitutes, sex workers in Los Angeles’ red light district stalk for business wearing no more than thongs, G-strings and high heels in broad daylight.

A 40-block area of Figueroa Boulevard in South LA sees hundreds of prostitutes, some barely out of their teens, plying their trade since Gov. Gavin Newsom passed the controversial Safer Streets for All Act, which decriminalized loitering with the intent to work as a prostitute in January.

“Before, this type of activity only happened at night where most citizens wouldn’t see it, but now it’s 24/7,” one source told The Post.

“Now you can drive by at 2 p.m. and see it. Families drive by and see 10 girls on the corner, condoms on the ground.

“You go by the alleys and you see a guy in the middle of the alley and a woman performing [fellatio]. And a mom and her kids have to pass by that. It’s ridiculous, all in the open broad daylight. God only knows the impact it has on those kids who have to see this.”