NYC tenants shocked by exorbitant broker fees, including $15K to secure $1,100 rent-stabilized Queens apartment

The rent’s too damn high in New York — but the broker fees are really murder.

City dwellers wanting to score a place to live at a reasonable price are finding that out the hard way — as they are being socked with outrageous fees of up to $20,000 just to be able to rent an apartment.

One home shopper claims he almost lost it when a broker tried to soak him for a $15,000 fee for a $1,100, rent-controlled apartment in a run-down brick building in Flushing recently.

“I never replied because not in a million years would I ever do that,” Christian Garbutt, 27, told The Post Thursday.

Despite the flabbergasting fee, someone eventually rented the unit on Ash Avenue, according to Gothamist.

But when called by the outlet for comment the realtor, Keller Williams said they would be giving some of the money back, they said.

“This broker’s fee goes for nothing, it goes to [the broker’s] pocket,” Garbutt said.

“He’s gonna take advantage of all these people.”

The broker fee situation has gotten so bad that Gov. Kathy Hochul slammed the prices as “excessive” and “unfair” when she announced fines on one last month for overcharging clients.