Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) has pardoned the Loudoun County father who protested his daughter’s rape in a school bathroom by a transgender student, and her public school’s attempted cover up of the incident, Youngkin’s office announced Sunday.

The parent, Scott Smith, was charged with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct in June of 2021 and convicted in August 2021 after he raged on school officials in a viral video.

And now, after several investigations, he’s been pardoned.

Smith in 2021 told the Daily Wire that his 15-year-old freshman daughter at Stone Bridge High School was raped by the 14-year-old transgender boy in the girls’ bathroom on May 28 of that year.

He says school officials called and told him only that there had been a ‘physical altercation.’ After arriving on scene, he learned that she had actually been sexually assaulted, and the school staff said they wanted to handle the situation ‘internally’ without calling the police.

After Smith became enraged, officials called Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputies.

“I went nuts. I called the principal a pussy. Six cop cars showed up like a fucking SWAT team,” Smith continued, adding that he “exploded with rage.”