Pennsylvania toddler allegedly killed by dad’s girlfriend who fed her acetone, batteries, screw

A Pennsylvania woman is accused of fatally poisoning her boyfriend’s 18-month daughter by feeding her batteries, screws and nail polish remover after she researched the harmful effects the items could have on a child before the killing.

Aleisia Owens, 20, was arrested Thursday for the suspected homicide of Iris Rita Alfera after an autopsy determined the child died due to fatal levels of acetone in her blood, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Michelle Henry announced.

Owens had been living with Iris Rita Alfera’s father, Bailey Jacoby, when he left the house to go to the store on June 25, 2023.

Jacoby, who had visitation rights to Iris, then received a call from her that something was wrong with his daughter.

He rushed to the New Castle home to find his baby girl unresponsive and quickly called 911, according to the criminal complaint obtained by WPIX.