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Privatizing college loans will stop Woke University from running rampant

By Che

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The Biden administration finally canceled student loan debt up to $20,000, a promise he made during the 2020 presidential campaign. Democrats are celebrating a victory intended to ease the burden on the “working class,” freeing up more spending power to be added to the economy, and giving debt relief to millions of struggling Americans. Republicans are decrying this move as nothing more than an attempt to “buy votes” in the upcoming midterm elections this November while burdening taxpayers who will essentially front the bill.  

Regardless of your personal stance on the matter, college tuition, specifically the subsidizing of federal student loans, has been thrust back into the forefront of political discourse. There’s a correlation between another controversial topic that is going unnoticed: wokeism. “Woke” ideology, the idea of diversity, equity, and inclusion into all areas of human interaction as a political ideology, is heavily related to college loans being subsidized by the federal government. 

 “Wokeism” sounds great on the surface. It is portrayed as a method to rid our society of the vestiges of a past that excluded many of its members. But it’s much more deceiving and cunning than that. You see “wokeism” is the ideology of fascist authoritarianism that seeks to control its members more so than freeing them all.  

Wokeism gives the ruling class power to control institutional speech and thought. It guards the door to access to financial, social, and political capital. By creating a culture of identifying what is acceptable and what is not, wokeism sways public opinion to side with the ruling class to the detriment of the people. 

Wokeism gives the state and corporate class unprecedented power. It blends government and corporate class to create a behemoth of institutional power, eradicating all foes with the help of public opinion that shames anyone into submission. This is evidenced by the rise of what has been called “cancel culture,” where those that refuse to parrot the accepted narrative are treated as pariahs within society. They lose not just social benefits, but financial as well. 

We saw this with the rise of “preferred pronouns.” Gender, something many thought to have long been established, has been called into question. The trans movement has called into question if gender is a fluid construct that can change according to subjective feelings. People who choose to identify as something other than the gender they were born with have demanded that others call them as such. Trans women, biological men identifying as women, demand others call them “she/her” despite them being male.  

The ruling class uses the gender debate to create division and confusion. The division allows them to identify independent thinkers. The confusion calls for answers, answers they’re prepared to provide once summoned and with the caveat that they assume more power. The corporatocracy wins, the people lose, but how did this new phenomenon come to be? 

This is where academia plays its role in conjunction with the federal government. As stated earlier, wokeism ties in with federally subsidized student loans. It’s a masterful play on power that many are still falling for, but it hasn’t fooled everyone.  

Once the federal government got into the business of paying for college tuition, the floodgates opened. The government guaranteed loans to those wishing to attain a college degree. They collected more money in taxes and loaned it to citizens with the idea that they would repay it once they were financially stable. This meant colleges and universities could solicit much more people to attend. This also meant colleges had to attract a crowd that didn’t have an interest in doing the work needed to complete a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum. Enter the liberal arts. 

Academia, with essentially a blank check from the federal government, had to create subjects for two reasons: 1) to appeal to a bigger audience, and 2) to justify the need for more money. So, it feels like they literally invented subjects. But here’s the catch: there’s only so much STEM you can teach. Students aren’t going to take these difficult subjects for too long. But liberal arts are different. 

Liberal arts degrees include philosophy, humanities, sociology, history, literature, writing, psychology, and creative arts. This means courses in “feminism,” “gender theory,” “ethnic studies,” and more. These courses are broad and expansive especially when woke academia continues to expound on them. Remember when we all were taught that there were two genders, male and female? How many classes can you teach on that? How about 72 genders? Or infinite genders? They can just keep adding to the curriculum as they see fit. More classes means more faculty, more departments, more buildings, and more money. That’s the end game. More money. 

The federal government doesn’t care how they’re spending it because it’s not their money, it’s yours. If you reject this spending, cancel culture swoops in and does what it’s supposed to do; cancels you and labels you a “bigot,” “racist,” “homophobe,” etc. 

Do you see the hustle? They’re coercing you into accepting these illogical concepts to justify their enrichment. Woke academia then went into the workforce in such fields as media, entertainment, and human resources pushed this agenda. They did so because they’re loyal to the institutions that allowed them to earn a six-figure job as a director of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a Fortune 500 company where they essentially teach employees and administrators not to be racist. 

So why does racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc, persist? The reason is to justify these positions, which justify the degrees, which justifies the tax dollars leaving your pockets and into the hands of these “woke” institutions. It’s all a hustle and you’re the one being played.  

The only way we can stop this is by getting the government out of the college hustle. If college tuition weren’t subsidized by our tax dollars, colleges would be forced to offer courses that actually produced value and at competitive prices. Tuition would decrease and your kids wouldn’t have to endure a purple-haired college- “educated” non-binary teacher trying to groom them into being trans in kindergarten. But this is all part of their agenda, to control the institutions of “higher” learning so as to control the minds of future generations.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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