Russia says police have arrested 60 people in the wake of the Sunday mob attack on an airport in the southern Russian republic of Dagestan. Local police in the Muslim-dominant region said they had identified 150 rioters who had breached airport security while looking for Jews said to have arrived on a flight from Tel Aviv.

Dramatic videos had shown men swarming an airplane, with some even jumping on its wings and waiving Palestinian flags, while the passengers huddled inside and the captain refused to open the door.

Russia’s interior ministry said 20 people were injured in the whole ordeal, which many publications are calling an antisemitic pogrom wherein security personnel may have looked the other way or at least failed to intervene in time.

Interestingly, Russian authorities are busy blaming Ukrainian spies, though without evidence. For example, Sergei Melikhov, Dagestan’s governor, said the violence was the result of “our enemies” – and called out Kiev.