The sand castle that is Joe Biden’s re-election campaign was eroded by another wave on Sunday, as senior House Democrats told Speaker Hakeem Jeffries they’ve concluded Biden should call it quits. The tide will only rise this week, as Congress reconvenes on Monday, with Democrats increasingly worried about Biden’s effect on their own races — and under pressure from Democratic mega-donors who see Biden’s campaign as hopeless.

According to the New York Times, in a private virtual meeting hosted by Jeffries, four senior Democrats who are ranking members of powerful committees said Biden should leave the race: Jerry Nadler (NY), Adam Smith (WA), Mark Takano (CA) and Joseph Morelle (NY). 

The meeting opened with some members speaking in favor of Biden. That spirit was short-lived: The 77-year-old Judiciary ranking member Nadler — who himself appeared to have soiled his pants at a 2020 press conference — is said to have been first to declare Biden’s candidacy unviable. Running for re-election himself, Nadler may be a hypocrite, but he at least he’s immune to accusations of ageism: