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Rex will be your king: An open letter to leftists

By Rex Liberman

To the Marxists, Socialists, Communists, and protesting classes, 

To the globalists, bourgeoisie, Democrats, and corporate oligarchy, 

To the lapdogs, bootlickers, identity addicts, and critical racists, 

To the destitute, fearful, empathetic, and moralistic, 

And to the fully indoctrinated, perpetually discontent, ungrateful, and self-destructive, 

I’m tired of fighting your hypocrisy with common sense. I see now that hypocrisy was always part of the plan. The game of destroying human potential literally demands it. Not in the way you like to use the word “literally” to disingenuously mean “figuratively” either (looking at you, Nazi Germany hyperbole).  

No, breaking a man’s spirit demands self-deception. What better way to raise a generation of liars than to encourage hypocrisy? 

Honestly, I’m most impressed by the colonization of criticality in one breath tempered with disdain for imperialism in the next. I see now creating an alternate reality that defies all logic means espousing rhetoric that also defies logic. Expert stuff, really.  

You’re slowly driving this once-proud nation to ruin through self-loathing and dishonesty. You ruthlessly convince otherwise sane people that totalitarianism disguised as social justice is how to guarantee equality. 

Like a virus, your thought policing spreads to all nooks and crannies of society. It suffocates individuality and culture. It homogenizes everything in its path. Kudos. 

Really, this Great Reset works because it’s just The Great Scam. If you didn’t deliberately undermine the truth about happiness or success, then nobody would suspend their personal agency for your absurdity. 

Hypocrisy has always been your primary weapon because, like a puff of smoke suspended in the air, it creates an impenetrable façade. Because people are willing to believe in the smoke, their lives become as reliant as the smoke—that is to say, transient, and formless. It’s an incredible dismemberment of the human psyche. The nails are begging to be smashed by you, the hammers!  

I see the grand game now, and I choose to accept it; but only under one condition. 

Bend the knee. Make me your king. 

That’s right, crown me as king and fulfill the final hypocritical promise of the collectivist movement.; people think they will get to live in peaceful, equal harmony, but will really become products to serve our interests.  

To the foot soldiers among you who don’t understand cause and effect, this is where our conversation ends. From now on, I’m addressing the architects of the leftist movement. In the spirit of communism, I didn’t want you to feel left out of the fun. 

 As you’ll see, though you claim all sorts of lives matter, the truth is none of your lives will matter soon. Don’t fret, though, like an aborted fetus in Virginia, you’ll be made comfortable. 

To the talented tenth who understand leftism’s subversion and champion it anyways, lend me your ear. We all agree leftist rhetoric is so effective because the ruse can continue in perpetuity.  

If the people feel nihilistic about a burning world destined for failure, their confidence in themselves and their neighbors will erode.  

But what happens when they reach the breaking point? When you’re facing a nation of crying babies, clamoring for their wetnurse, the State? You will have “won” the war of reverse independence. However, because the castle was built on hypocrisy from the beginning, you’ll undoubtedly need one last momentous act of hypocrisy to solidify the power grab and usher in a new era of egalitarian bondage. Without the centralization of mass power, chaos could easily ensue.  

So, let’s make a deal. Do exactly what the people refuse to believe would ever happen to them under their precious socialist revolution; make me your king. Join me as lords and meet me at the altar of statism. 

Together, we can rule with an iron fist of inclusivity and the big dick of empathy. The State, which is only perfectible through its continued expansion, will flourish as we grow in power and dependence. With a strong central monarch at the helm, we’ll all be untouchable—the terrestrial gods of humanity. 

Why would I make a good king? Because like your great politicians and economists, I choose radical leftism for what it means to the people. I don’t ask for it as a means of tearing others down to my pathetic level. 

I understand now what the world’s aristocracies knew for centuries: most of this world—inherently gluttonous, vile creatures—require a strong, centralized leadership to even survive a day, much less a lifetime. 

I once believed only a dolt dripping could cheer for modern liberal doctrine. It annihilates everything it claims to cherish. Things like individuality, community, and personal empowerment, especially. But now, I understand its power. 

Whether it be a dishonest attempt to multiply wealth by dividing it, rigging a system of welfare that guarantees hidden inflationary tax and bust cycles, or championing an end to freedom of speech under the guise of democracy, you wily liberals always manage to take two steps back for everyone step forward. 

As unsustainable, wasteful policies fail and urban decay mounts higher and higher, you find new ways to deify the state. Every state failure is just another excuse for a bigger state.  

It’s despicably backwards, hurtful logic because it neuters the individual while making them think they’re making a difference in the world. And yet, the people love you for it. 

It’s those individuals you’ve intentionally broken and watered down intellectually that will require the strongest central leadership. Only a king, a god amongst men, will be able to solidify the factions of identity groups you’ve set at war against each other. Don’t believe me? Just look at the modern leftist, who is dangerously close to absolute worthlessness even as we speak. 

American Democrats have been given everything and appreciate nothing. Even the lowest among them enjoy technology and opportunity unfathomable to past generations. They spend money they don’t have on products they don’t even use. 

They poison their livers, blacken their lungs, and rub their genitals raw just to feel something approximating joyful numbness. They live in structurally sound houses without the fear of military action or civil warfare. 

They scoff at grammar, at spelling, at literature, and at the classics. They believe the destruction of complex history somehow better guarantees a more vibrant, educated future. They know neither the world’s great cities, nor their countries; some even balk at knowing the continents.  

They submit to all forms of surveillance themselves, and then clamor for open borders and unchecked citizenship for immigrants. They blame inanimate objects for acts of radicalism without a hint of irony that they, in fact, have always been the radicals. 

They spew lies about any form of government they deem irresponsible (though few even understand a democratic republic or the three branches of government), based solely on media drivel and Hollywood dramatizations. They use a contrived vitriol as social currency that can buy, sell, and trade the livelihoods of anyone whom they disagree with in public settings. 

As for real currency? They care more about the sex lives of strangers than the happenings of the American dollar. Forget the roles of centralized banking in world affairs; these people barely understand interest rates, or where money even originates in this country. 

They litter their cities with garbage, graffiti their neighbor’s walls, and loot their own communities in times of upheaval. Their anxiety and depression exponentially grow at the same rate as their hate for self-sufficiency and conservatism. Their utter reliance on welfare programs, government subsidies, and entitlements only renders their anti-patriotism and freedom marches all the hollower. They even murder their own unborn children. 

And then, after they’ve been given all this opportunity, do they accept the baptism by fire as the first step toward true enlightenment? Toward true independent satisfaction? Of course not, they find new enemies to blame—like businesses which employ them, law enforcement which protects them, and industry which provides for them. 

The cycle of vexed scarcity perpetuates itself until despondency becomes commonplace. Then, continued financial support from the government becomes an outright necessity. 

Like lemmings, liberals are headed straight for destruction. There was a time I tried to warn the lemmings they were running straight off the cliff. But I was quickly trampled, and now I see the foolishness of it all. 

I know now that liberty doesn’t really exist, and that the strong must dictate the survival for the weak. They must be corralled and focused like sheep on a mountainside.  

Let me wear the crown of the resolute king, and, with your help, faithful comrades, we can build a monumental wall at the edge of the cliff to protect the lemmings from themselves.  

We won’t even have to seize the authority in the end, which could lead to unintended emotions like courage or pride. With enough pain, they’ll eventually just hand it over, at which point we can finally end humanity’s incessant abortion of its own potential. 

We can become the hammers, and the leftist peasants will be our nails—their purpose inextricably linked to us. The burden of destroying a man’s psyche is not one I take lightly. Crown me, and let me walk the path of the burdened, yet resolute king. 

I promise, it’s in everyone’s best interest. 


Rex Liberman 

Future King of Liberal Men

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Rex Liberman


Rex Liberman is a Southerner who has lived on the East and West coasts and currently resides in Los Angeles. A veteran of both corporate and blue-collar America, he brings a perspective to social commentary that all people from all walks of life can appreciate. Rex is most interested in the intersection between self-development and politics, and how we can come together by better understanding what drives us apart.

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