President Biden abandons Afghanistan and the Taliban immediately assumes power as the government fleas.  China positions itself in strategic positions as it forges on with the globalist agenda.  False flag at the capitol furthers the anti-MAGA narrative.  Che is dropping truth and exposing the media manipulation behind the world events as we move closer to a new world order. He goes into the origins of the strife between the west and Islam and how that relates to the global agenda.  We also sit down with JD Rivera, veteran and independent journalist who was arrested for his alleged role in the January 6th “insurrection”, as he tells us the information that isn’t making on the major platforms.  He pulls no punches by breaking down how he believes that the entire  incident was the result of a infiltration by the intelligence community.  We get down to the truth on The No Spoon Podcast so prepare to hear what mainstream corporate cartel controlled media can’t and won’t dare say.

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