By mTm Advisors

Today, there are deceptive political actions transpiring in the current administration and law-making communities. They’re used as distractions from what is really being done. It’s what I call the Political Beef Deception

In that article, I outlined how the mainstream media and the political party infrastructures interact with the four major meat processors. Here is a quick grab of the content:  

“I see the move to break up the Big 4 meat processing companies as a political stunt that distracts from the real agenda. All the signals and framing are to replace animal protein with new GMO and vegetable protein fake meat products. The cost of beef is up 50% from a year ago and the cost of fake meat and fake vegetable protein is extremely affordable. Focus on the products, ingredients, and price of steak.” 

The Deception and Summary

There is a push of course to eliminate beef and animal protein from our diets and nutrient supply. The framing of climate change and poverty is used to replace the cattle rancher with artificial meats. They make people believe that they’re saving the planet and vegetable protein is better for your health.  

However, both signals are false. We now know about the Fact Fiction movement and the Cholesterol Pysop that has made billions of dollars for #MPAC. 

First, they’ll convince the public that they have a better solution. Then, they will produce more GMO seeds, false commodities, and additional food items that will have fantastic Legacy Marketing tactics that most of the public falls for. Their agenda? Replace animal protein and fat in every food you eat. 

The FDA and USDA will allow the false advertising and the processors will artificially drive prices up on meat products. Once they have the general public’s attention, the processors will shift their business models into GMO/bioengineered vegetable protein processing. 

Less overhead and more profit margin. Killing the cattle rancher across the globe. This is the plan of the 2030 agenda known as the Great Reset. I don’t like to throw the phrase around. To me, it is semantics. The real focus should be on the source of the seed and delivering pure nutrients to your system and to your children’s growth.  

We have to become the hand that feeds us. We have to take control of our nutrition delivery. The industry we relied on for the past 50 years has gone off the rails and into overdrive. They are going to do this for a number of reasons.  

Centralized Food Production

Our agriculture and healthcare systems are broken. 

The soil has been stripped of nutrients. The food is contaminated. Decades of corporate-sponsored misinformation have led to mass consumption of industrially refined grains and plant oils. 

Today, the US operates a massive, industrialized food production operation based on stall-fed, feedlot animal agriculture and mono-cropped, high-input industrial plant cropping. 

This system was born in the aftermath of the 1971 Nixon Shock. Secretary of Agriculture Earl ‘Rusty’ Butz was tasked with bringing the cost of food down in the face of skyrocketing consumer price inflation. He achieved this by implementing corn subsidies, which forced the family farm to sell up into growing corporatized farming operations. Vast swathes of land were tilled and cultivated to grow corn, soy, wheat, and oilseeds. 

Because our food is contaminated and our soil in ruins, corporations have to shift the narrative and shift the production and supply. They have robbed the true source of the seed and demolished our purity of life. 

Introduction into Nano

Most Nanotechnology and biometric engineering are in the early stage of true understanding to the public. Actually, nano has been going on for a long time behind closed doors and in the VC and start-up world. 

I remember when it was first introduced in Austin around the year 2000 at South by Southwest. All of us young start-up gunslingers were fascinated by it. It was going to be fascinating to watch and research and innovate. 

20 years later, and it is still a big unknown. So much so that it can still be used as a “Trade Secret” by any of the #MPAC global corporations. It’s now being used in medicine, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical pesticides, fertilizers, food, and water. 

I have a report that I cannot yet submit but I can release an abstract section. (Emphasis mine) 


In this study, we aimed to develop a simple, efficient, economic and sustainable approach for synthesis of carbon-based quantum dots from agricultural waste. Sugarcane bagasse is one of the major solid agricultural wastes and through its utility a novel strategy is evolved which makes a good sense both environmentally and economically. Herein, graphene quantum dots have been synthesized by chemical cutting from graphene oxide, while chemical oxidation followed by exfoliation method was used to form carbon quantum dots. The manufactured carbon-based quantum dots were structurally characterized by Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR). The quantum dots were optically characterized by UV–vis spectroscopy, Fluorescence microscopy and Photoluminescence spectroscopy. SEM and TEM analysis indicated size, shape and monodispersed nature of carbon-based quantum dots along with structural information about graphene oxide and sugarcane bagasse. The presence of large amount of oxygenous functionality was confirmed by FT-IR spectra and UV–vis spectroscopy. The optical properties reveal the bright blue luminescent nature of carbon quantum dots and graphene quantum dots with a produced yield of 25.7% and 12.54% respectively. 

Focus deeply on the words “carbon, graphene, yield” 

There are many successful projects within the nanotechnology industry. From water filtration to crop identification, they are ready to use it in our food supply in many ways. They believe it will help with the social carbon credit initiatives that are about to pop up all over the globe. 

Guess What?

They do not have to include it in any food item. That includes your industrial processed items and/or animal meat products. It will be in all of our material products before we even realize it and there will be nothing we can do about it. 

One of these nanoparticles is graphene oxide. If listed in a particular product, the product will tout the wonderful aspects of the nanoparticle and how it is going to innovate industries across the planet. All the while, it will be inserted into our seed of life and become the source of the seed. 

It is still too early to go much further into detail here, but it is time to have it on our radar. I will be doing a deeper dive with my research as we move forward. 

This is not a negotiation

A lot of people choose to engage in the distraction, thus becoming part of the argument. 

It is time to be the distraction. 

In the intelligence world, they have an operating structure called “the bulldog.” This means to get right in their face with unrelenting force. These are Art of War tactics in which you project your intentions. You let them know what you are going to do. 

So, to the MPAC; You kill people, and you do it on purpose. But there is an organized group of counterintelligence activists coming after you. And we are going to expose your death by design. We are decentralized and we laugh at you. Continue your FUD and deception. We are one step ahead of you! 

Bitcoin doesn’t care about you and neither does our decentralized network. 

To the people; we are in this to win it, so let’s get focused and separate ourselves from the centralized machine that is still the Source of our Seed.”

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