South Africa’s funeral parlour industry is feeling the pinch as small and big scale mortuaries are experiencing the rise in maintaining cold room temperatures due to ongoing electricity blackouts.

The South African Chamber of Undertakers Chairman,Nhlanhla Bembe says parlours are spending around 40 US dollars per day to power generators and the organization believes government needs to offer subsidies to cover the cost of diesel.

“Loadshedding has been catastrophic for the funeral industry and it has become very expensive to keep human remains because we have to pay for electricity and buy diesel for generators to power cold rooms.” he said.

At a funeral parlour in Johannesburg, founder of Ndoda Funeral Services, Leon Matshiza says due to the long periods of blackouts, they are spending more money on embalming services in order to keep bodies from decomposing sooner than they should.

“When the fridges are not operating and working we are now faced with embalming bodies. It brings more costs. With loadshedding it’s making life more difficult for us,” explains Matshiza