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South Africa’s outsized role in Omicron politics

By Gugulethu Hughes 

A couple of days ago, the new Covid-19 variant was first sequenced by a scientist based in Botswana in four vaccinated individuals. Immediately, thereafter, South Africa hijacked the new trend and took over the narrative by doing the utmost business development and marketing for Big Pharma. 

South African scientists started detecting the virus in the country and gave it a description that is enough to scare the hell out of hell. They called it “a variant with big branches.” In all this farce it has been a spectacular spectacle to notice how Botswana, the first country to report on the variant, has been drowned while South Africa grabbed the proverbial floaty and assumed ownership of the variant. 

International media began referring to the variant as a South African variant before the World Health Organization christened it “omicron” – which itself sounds like a fancy tech word for a virus that is supposed to be attacking humans en masse. 

The variant became a proudly South African brand, but how did South Africa end up in this position?  

Cyril Ramaphosa and Strategic positioning of South Africa  

South Africa is a confluence of Western aspirations for Africa. But Africa is critical to the realization of profits and execution of sinister motives by the global elites. The country acts as the West’s Africa Headquarters, hence it’s centrality in the Covid-19 industrial complex and sequencing of celebrity variants thereof. 

At all material times, it is important to acknowledge that Covid-19 as a virus is a laboratory creation of western powers with the support of their allies. It all starts at a political level, where in the past five years, we’ve seen a push by corporations to have certain individuals occupy positions of power in global governments. 

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, is one of those beneficiaries, not for his own good but for the benefit of global elites. It’s important to note that this wave of leadership changes has not been limited to Africa because eventually there needs to be harmony across board when mandating absolute totalitarianism.  

He became ANC President with backing from corporations whose contributions have been sealed by the country’s courts to prevent the public from having access to the information. Prior to his election, corporate activists and opposition political parties that only differ in acronyms received more “benevolent” sponsorships to remove President JG Zuma from power. 

Eventually, this led to his resignation a few months before the end of his term as the country’s President. The Parliament of South Africa eventually voted for Ramaphosa to become President. 

Since then, it has been downhill. The man has done nothing meant to benefit South Africa. His rise conveniently coincided with the appointment of South Africa as the right candidate for the position of African Union Chair where he then occupied the position of Chairperson. 

True to form, his tenure was characterized by zero contribution to the development of Africa as a continent. Covid-19 was also introduced during the same period, and Cyril Ramaphosa immediately became the face of the war against the virus in Africa. 

This led to the African Union putting together a Covid Response team. The team, comprised of businesspeople, was to negotiate vaccine procurement and have African countries sign ludicrous supply contracts with pharma. 

Even after his tenure as AU Chair, he continues to be a Covid-19 influencer for the African Union. Unsurprisingly, South Africa’s Aspen Pharmacare, where Cyril Ramaphosa’s henchman in government, Pravin Gordhan, holds shares, got the contract to do packaging of Johnson & Johnson vaccines in Africa. 

All these events leading to omicron were not coincidental or accidental. It has all been well orchestrated to justify a means to an end. 

The conduct of Ramaphosa, which at first glance comes as a sign of incompetence and ineptitude, is in essence a case of a mercurial man executing the mandate he has been given by his sponsors. Those who voted for him feature nowhere in his great trek to personal aggrandizement. 

More so, mainstream media continues to present an image of a compassionate Ramaphosa, thereby catapulting him to the position of anchor for all of Africa. He has been set as the benchmark of leadership for all African leaders. No one can dare challenge him on how he has led Africa into the echelons of Big Pharma’s claws.  

South Africa has been in perpetual lockdown since March 26th, 2020, courtesy of a Coronavirus Command Council that gets its mandate from Ramaphosa. Also, overall spending on vaccine marketing has increased. 

At some stage, the government dug mass graves as it falsely estimated death numbers would increase. They got this after watching a YouTube video of Melinda Gates saying Africans would drop like flies on the streets due to Covid-19. 

Overall, the goal has always been to vaccinate the bulk of the population, if not everyone. This is where the government is falling short, much to the dismay of pandemic sponsors. 

Every trick in the bag has been tried, even to the extent of taking away parental consent to push for vaccination of kids as young as 12 years old. Women have been advised to withhold sex from unvaccinated partners while people get incentivized with lollipops, fries, and cookies to get vaccinated. 

The bulk of those who have taken Pfizer vaccine shots are increasingly not returning for their second shots. Participants are reporting bad side effects from vaccination and that contents of the vaccines mess with the female reproductive system. 

However, the government isn’t entertaining any of those experiences. During the recent Local Government Elections, lockdown regulations were relaxed to allow for political parties to campaign for election across the country. Interestingly, the virus complied, and the government even stopped reporting on new cases. People began to see a semblance of normal human life again. 

Then, the government advised vaccine suppliers to withhold further supplies, as the country now had surplus, due to the population’s reluctance towards the vaccines. This meant less sales for Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, and slowdown in the vaccine agenda juggernaut. 

The biggest risk is that other African countries are soon going to borrow a leaf from South Africa, Africa’s “most civilized nation.” The machinations of the Covid-19 pandemic are already unhappy that Africans are not dying from the virus in huge numbers as initially hoped for. 

While the new variant was always going to be introduced to push for mandatory vaccination all over the world, it was imperative that South Africa be handed over this round for the reasons mentioned above. 

To this date, Botswana has been gagged from releasing the nationality and race of people with whom the omicron variant was first sequenced. For obvious reasons, it is in the interests of people behind this pandemic to have as many Africans as possible vaccinated. 

For historical reasons, it is important for Africans to develop as minimal a vaccine appetite as possible. Africa has a growing population. Vaccination could actually result in the reduction of the global population and dumbing down whatever remains. 

This is a power trip more than anything, people who want to dictate to everyone else without being questioned. 

What next for South Africa?  

Mandatory vaccination is the next step. The whole Southern African region is already being punished with travel bans for “putting the world in immense danger.” The idea of an HIV-infected Southern Africa doesn’t make it any better. 

For the many countries instituting travel bans, it is an honest way of protecting their populations from a “black African virus,”. Meanwhile, for the pandemic engineers, the goal is to make Africans “suffer and comply their way into vaccination.” 

The Governor of Texas is already scared of South Africans crossing into the USA. While others reduce this to a case of ignorance of geography, it is rather a demonstration of how propaganda is used to drive fear into the hearts of many. 

We’re already seeing an onslaught towards the unvaccinated by the vaccinated. It matters not that the variant was detected in vaccinated people, itself a monumental Freudian admission from the Botswana government that has put the vaccine drive on the back burner. 

Clearly, logic doesn’t matter for the people pushing for mandatory vaccinations. Population reduction could have been achieved by bombing people to death, but vaccination is a more sophisticated option. It’s a clean job, and the manufacturers still enjoy guaranteed blanket immunity and absolute indemnification. 

South Africans are increasingly aware of the squid games at play while the South Africa’s government is increasingly put under pressure to execute the pandemic engineers’ mandates. 

If it continues, South Africa will soon experience a combination of both blood clots and bloodbaths.

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Gugulethu Hughes


Gugulethu Hughes is the ScoonTV Africa correspondent

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