Battered by the ongoing deadly violence, the Sudanese are now hopeful that the one-week humanitarian ceasefire will end the “suffering”.

The United States and Saudi Arabia announced that the ceasefire agreed in Jeddah between the rival camps would take effect at 9:45 pm (1945 GMT) on May 22 to enable humanitarian assistance to civilians.

Despite the previous breached truces, war-weary civilians clung to hope that the approaching ceasefire would hold, allowing desperately needed aid to bolster the dwindling supplies of food, medicine and other vital resources.

“The Jeddah agreement is a real breakthrough for the Sudanese people, it will alleviate the suffering we are now witnessing. All solutions to wars in the world start with negotiations and a truce. So we, the people, really hope that this truce will have a chance and will be effectively implemented on the ground,” said one Khartoum resident.