Suspect allegedly bites off portion of Denver police officer’s finger during arrest

A Denver police officer is missing a portion of his finger after arresting a man who allegedly bit it off from the last knuckle before spitting it out.

Officers were trying to take 48-year-old Tyron Brooks into custody Saturday afternoon in an alley behind the Pioneer Bar at East Wesley Avenue and South University Boulevard. Brooks was standing in a “fighting stance” over a woman, shouting at her as she was crying when officers arrived, they wrote in an arrest report.

Brooks was shouting “erratically, nonsensically, and irrationally,” an officer wrote in the report, but a statement Brooks allegedly made to officers at the scene is redacted. Officers tried to get Brooks away from the woman but said he refused and continued shouting at the woman. They then tried to get the woman to come over to them and tell them what happened but said Brooks wouldn’t let her.