Syrian air defense systems intercepted a series of Israeli missiles near Damascus on Friday at dawn, government media said.

A military source cited by SANA, Syria’s official state news agency, said Israeli missiles were fired from the Golan Heights toward several areas surrounding Damascus, without providing details on the targets. The source said most of the missiles were shot down, and those that got through caused only minor material damage.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that suspected Israeli airstrikes had hit several positions belonging to Iranian-backed militias near Damascus.

The organization, which has a vast network of sources on the ground in Syria, said the attacks had targeted a weapons warehouse belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in al-Abdaliyah on the road to Damascus International Airport as well as headquarters and sites used by Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian groups in the vicinity of Sayeda Zeinab.