Target is cutting back on the number of its stores that will cary Pride Month-related merchandise in June, a decision that comes after the retail chain last year faced a backlash and threats over some of the products.

Minneapolis-based Target said in a statement that its Pride merchandise will be available next month “in select stores, based on historical sales performance.” A spokeswoman declined to disclose the number of stores that won’t be carrying the merchandise. But a full assortment will be offered online, Target said.

In prior years, Target had typically sold the full Pride assortment across its 2,000 stores, but the decision to pare back comes after the retailer faced criticism last year over some of the collection’s swimsuits. Some people made claims that the swimwear, labeled as “tuck-friendly” with “extra crotch coverage,” was sold for children, although swimsuits with these labels were only available in adult sizes.

The decision to cut back on Pride merchandise availability, first reported by Bloomberg, also comes after some customers last year confronted workers and tipped over displays. Target also moved Pride displays to the back of its stores in certain Southern locations last year.