A Texas security guard quit his job during a live television interview after an argument with his boss who later blamed him for being assaulted when he tried to stop two suspected carjackers from stealing his car.

Percy Payne, an employee for Priebe Security stationed at a private underground garage in East Austin, was attacked when he witnessed two “young Hispanic males on two electric scooters” trying to break into his car on June 24, according to Fox 7 Austin.

As he recalled the brutal attack in an interview with the outlet, Payne’s manager confronted him and told him he couldn’t speak on camera while on the job.

“We are very sorry for what happened to you,” the supervisor started before she berated Payne.

“We have a policy that you’re not supposed to do any interviews in your uniform. If you want to do this as a private citizen, you can,” she added.

An argument ensued between the two as the cameras rolled and the supervisor ordered Payne to remove his uniform.