Most news articles about the animal in Lewiston, Maine, who shot 31 people, killing 18, focus specifically on the shooter’s skin color and “AR-15 style” rifle.

The media seem to have missed the ten mass shootings that have taken place in the three and a half days since the Maine massacre.

FACT-O-RAMA! A mass shooting is defined as four or more people shot, not including the shooter, in a fluid situation.

Lewiston stands out because of the unusually high body count. Also, the shooter escaped and was at large for a while before police found his body. Every news source from Maine to New York kept readers glued to their sites with stories of “the shooter MAY come here next” fear porn.

Legendary jackpudding Joy Behar from “The View” doesn’t know the difference between an AR-15 and a bazooka. She is paid millions of dollars a year to lie to wine-box mommies who believe her codswallop.