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“To engineer one’s own suffering is to steal the power of suffering engineers’ unseen.” ~Texas Slim 

Each week I have detailed and explained the path that I have followed chasing down the “Harvest of Deception.” This week, I’ll get somewhat technical and dive deeply into the issue. 

It is not my primary focus and I have dedicated team members that are able to take this section of the narrative. I will begin to share their reports as they are presented. 

My initiatives and purpose are to help you understand the source of your appetites as a consumer. Also, I want to help you become your own food intelligence researcher. Finally, I want to show how the food cartels are successfully stealing a part of you in ways you may not fully understand. 

This article will be a roadmap of links and articles with opinions from me. I urge you, the reader, to follow the breadcrumbs, do your own research, and source the available nutrients that will allow you to be the best you. 

This is where true sovereignty begins and ends. For the end to begin a new chapter, this will be the foundation needed moving forward. 

At this time, you have to make small but intentional lifestyle changes to develop a level of Food Intelligence none of us thought we needed, nor did we think we would have to develop. 

The truth is, the Great Reset you’ve heard about is nothing more than a means to create a Social Carbon Credit Economy! 

The Great Reset is also a food supply reset. The current global maneuvering and engineering goes far deeper than most people want to comprehend. 

It is something that has been in the works for a while. My recent focus goes back to 2013, when there was a major consolidation of the food industry. This was worldwide, not only in the US. 

It was either ignored or praised by the investment world and big players such as Warren Buffet. The consolidation was orchestrated and lauded as being financially genius. Rent-seekers all over the world worshipped their moves and jumped on board the fake (engineered) food express. 

Fast forward to 2021, and their plan is moving ahead quickly. Their plan is to nutritionally starve you; and you will like it. 

The driving force

The driving force behind the pandemic and the “Great Reset” is actually the rollout of a carbon credit economy, repackaged as “Build Back Better.” 

While the media has everyone arguing and worried about the virus, the WEF and UN have been installing their plan for a brand new global economic system. 

Everyone took their eyes off the ball, and under the cover of Covid, the climate-change architects and profiteers decided to go full steam ahead with their plans for an upgraded cap-and-trade system. 

Their plan is a UBI (universal basic income) type social and carbon credit blockchain-based system. This system will place a cost for every breath you take, every action you perform, every item you purchase, and every plan you make. The worst part? It will go on for the rest of your family’s generational life! 

In this system, what you buy, consume, perform, etc., will be decided by your carbon footprint. You’ll be given a maximum allowance of carbon credits on your carbon credit crypto wallet. Each time you perform any action that has a carbon trace, carbon credits will be deducted from your carbon crypto blockchain. 

What you can buy and do is decided by crypto/blockchain smart contracts, also known as programmable money. 

Under their plan, if you reach your maximum carbon allowance, your account is shut off and you can no longer purchase or do anything. Of course, not unless you’re rich and you “purchase” tokenized carbon credits, either out of your wallet or through planting trees. 

If you’re fortunate to plant a tree (which few can do), you will then have to register that tree on a blockchain as an NFT (non-fungible token). Both satellites and drones will authenticate its existence (using GPS and machine-learning vision), to make sure there is no double-spending (blockchain transaction) on any of those individual trees. This will all be done with AI and blockchain. 

Now, if you can’t plant a tree, have no fear! Billionaires around the world have you covered and have done all the hard work for you. They’ve either purchased millions of acres of land or placed them in trusts (conservations). So soon, you’ll be able to buy their carbon credits, generated by natural breathing trees. And who says money doesn’t grow on trees! 

We are talking about global rationing based on your carbon footprint forever! 

For this to work, you’ll be required to register (passport ID) on the blockchain. Next, you’ll be tracked and traced. You will need to lose your present income and small brick-and-mortar businesses. You’ll also need to be kept in lockdown and forced to connect to the digital supply and commerce chains. 

Your money will be programmable money (smart contracts). This new CBDC (central bank digital currency) and other crypto coins will cause the food supply chain to collapse and be replaced with one that is more “green.” The products you’ve been accustomed to will have to be removed and replaced by carbon-friendly products. 

They will also require you to “share” more using blockchain-based NFTs (if you have carbon credits). You’ll be forced by governments, businesses, and other issuers to buy only what they deem is good for you and the earth. Even your children’s pocket money will be monitored and rationed programmatically using blockchain, AI, and surveillance. 

Your benefits payments, insurance, private property purchases, pensions, etc. will all be based on compliance with these new measures. All businesses will be forced to upgrade their ESG score (Environment, Sustainability, Governance) or face the threat of not receiving loans. This will be in accordance with the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). 

Your activities must all be monitored so as to measure and quantify your carbon footprint. You’ll need to become a token on a carbon transaction network, up for trade on a carbon exchange. If you do not comply, you’ll be ostracized from the new “green” society. 

These are the plans of the globalist ruling class. 

Are you getting the picture yet?

Today, the global carbon exchanges are in place and making billions of dollars. All 193 nations in the UN have agreed to it. The infrastructure is in place. The technology (the 4th Industrial Revolution) is advanced enough to take place. 

More so, billionaires have made their massive land purchases in order to become offset providers. The blockchains are all ready to implement tokenization of carbon units. The satellites in space are ready to do attestation and authentication, using NFT tech and blockchain. The drones are ready to validate all life activities on earth. The 5G and 6G networks are all in place for high-speed real-time data throughout. 

This is all happening at a blitzkrieg pace. Just back in November, the UK hosted the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow. There were an expected 30,000 attendees. At this rate, you can count on the creation of the social carbon credit system to accelerate at warp speed! 

For more information on the social carbon credit system, check out this article by Bantam Joe. 

Earlier, I wrote about the Global Food Systems Summit that was held in New York at the UN General Assembly after they participated in the Corporate-led Food System Summit the prior week in the same city. Make sure to catch up for tomorrow’s article. 

Most press releases have slowed this past year while the Covid narrative has progressed in every region, state, and country. They have had time to pull the trigger. The shot is about to be heard around the globe and the marching orders have been given. Their boots are on the ground and their initiative is going to end up in your bowl of nutrition and perception. 

Be prepared.

To be continued in part 2 tomorrow…

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