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The elephant in the room that could get you censored

By Che

The following is a true story about a man named John who lived around the corner from the house I grew up in. I’m telling this story, not because I want to, but because it needs to be told. The reality of the situation is that we will never get the answers needed to completely understand what I’m going to tell you here, so the least we can do is get the story out.  

John, then in his 60’s, was a successful contractor ready to retire and live off the fruits of his labor. He was in good health, which is why it came as a shock to his mother when he informed her that he had taken the Covid-19 vaccine despite having earlier reservations.  

His mother, well into her 80’s, lived across the street from John so she was aware of her son’s day-to-day activities. But soon after getting the vaccine, he began to act depressed and standoffish. It came to the point where one day his mother caught him staring blankly out the window, unresponsive and completely detached from reality. 

Soon after, he began to develop red sores on his face, something his doctors had no real answers for. He began to be frantic, telling his mother that he knew it was from the vaccine but couldn’t prove it. 

The situation became frightening as he started becoming paranoid about being sued and losing all that he had earned in his profession. He’d go on long rants about how he was going to lose his house and business, how people would sue him for everything, and he’d be poor and on the streets. 

A little over a month ago, on a regular weekend like any other weekend, John went missing. His mother tried not to panic and instead attributed his absence to coping with stress. “Maybe he and his girlfriend were out of town,” she thought, trying to push aside negative thoughts. But, when Monday came around, she began to worry. 

John’s sister and brother-in-law knocked on his door, but they received no answer. However, the dogs were in the house, something John wouldn’t have done had he went out of town for the weekend. John’s brother-in-law decided to go around back where he found the back door unlocked. 

He entered the house and walked upstairs to John’s bedroom. When he opened the door, he found both John and his girlfriend unrecognizable, both with gunshot wounds to the face. They were dead. 

The deaths were ruled a murder/suicide. The official coroner report said John shot his girlfriend in the face before turning the gun on himself. Due to the deaths being ruled a suicide, no autopsy was performed.  

The conspiracy theorist in us all want to say that the depression, paranoia, and eventual permanent act of murder/suicide is a direct result of the vaccine. The truth is we don’t know. And therein lies the problem. 

We don’t know, nor will we ever know, because our government, in conjunction with Big Tech and mainstream media, will go great lengths to discredit any negative connotations associated with the vaccine and ultimately bury them somewhere deep in your timeline. 

We have seen this play out in real time on live, national TV. Recently, The View had one of their former co-hosts, and former co-host of Fox and Friends, Jedediah Bila, on to discuss her new book. Bila was interviewed remotely due to the studio’s policy of only permitting vaccinated people on the set. 

Bila, who is not vaccinated, was asked to explain why she opted out of getting the vaccine. She explained that she was personally exempt due to her own medical conditions that could cause adverse reactions as prescribed by her personal doctor. She stated specifically that she is not “anti-vaxx,” but she wants each person to make this decision on their own. That statement drew a groan from host Whoopi Goldberg. But it gets better. 

“The vaccine does not prevent you from getting covid and does not prevent you from transmitting covid.” This was the last complete statement Bila was able to get in. Immediately, host Joy Behar and legal “expert” Sunny Hostin accused Bila of spreading “lies” and “misinformation.” Bila was not able to get in another word as she was cut off by the hosts and the network. But was Bila lying?  

According to the CDC, both unvaccinated and vaccinated people are at risk of contracting the virus as well as transmitting it to others. Did ABC or the people at The View not know this?  

The same thing happened on ABC’s sister network ESPN, another Disney-owned company. This time it happened on First Take hosted by Stephen A. Smith. Smith, and a panel that included NBA-player-turned-ESPN-analyst Jay Williams were discussing Brooklyn Nets’ star Kyrie Irving’s refusal to get vaccinated, thereby making him ineligible to play this season. 

Smith was going on one of his usual rants, criticizing the NBA champion as “selfish,” when he stumbled onto a topic his bosses were not too pleased with.  

When discussing Irving’s hesitancy, Stephen A. said: “If 6.2 billion people have taken it, ok- I’m sorry, has the vaccine killed somebody that- I mean, has that been the reason people died?” To which Jay Williams responded, “Well, if you want to go down that road, I mean Moderna-”  

That’s when he, like Bila on The View, was bombarded with over-talk from the rest of the panel effectively drowning out his argument. Co-host Molly Qerim explicitly said “let’s be careful” when it came to discussing adverse effects from the vaccine. Let’s be careful? From what exactly?  

The last example I will give is CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Earlier this year, Rogan contracted the virus and took a generic drug called ivermectin to fight it. After three days, Rogan tested negative for the virus. Mainstream media, in particular CNN, falsely claimed Rogan had taken “horse dewormer” and that what he was spewing, again, “misinformation.”  

On Rogan’s show Gupta was asked why CNN would blatantly lie. Gupta responded, saying, “They shouldn’t have said that.” However, the very next day he appeared on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight and sang a very different tune. When pressed by Lemon to say Rogan took a “horse dewormer,” Gupta cowardly acquiesced.  

The story of John is a tragedy. It’s a tragedy that we can’t say for sure could have been avoided. John could have had deeply rooted mental health issues that no one, not even his mother, knew about. They could’ve led him to take his own life and that of his girlfriend. 

But there is a variable that could also be the reason for this tragic situation that powerful entities are doing everything in their power to avoid talking about. This should be a cause for concern for all of us.  

Whether you’re pro-vaccine or not, or pro-mandates or not, you should be concerned when the people in power silence any opposition to their decrees. The precedent being set is one where the ruling class, the haves, the powerful, wield this power against the have-nots whenever they feel like it. And “when they feel like it” means whenever they want to benefit themselves and their cronies. 

The slippery slope starts with vaccines and ends with tyranny.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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