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The ‘eugenics’ agenda behind our real crises

By Matthew Delaney

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What do gender ideology, climate change alarmism, and inflation all have in common? They’re each designed to make less of you.  

Not explicitly, of course. These are political ideations carried out by political actors. If they said their intent is to whittle down the numbers of the unclean, it would make them extremely unpopular, and subsequently, unelectable. But when economic circumstances make it harder to start a family, climate goals are making it harder to feed the family you’ve started, and teachers, corporations, and branches of the healthcare system are promoting a social movement around child sterilization, what other conclusion are you supposed to come to?  

These are legitimate crises, because every one of these efforts are an attack on your legacy. 

There used to be a term we would call this process: eugenics, or the purification of a population by controlling who gets to reproduce— or even live.  

It’s become a dirty word ever since it culminated in Nazi Germany’s Holocaust that killed six million Jews. But did you know Adolf Hitler was inspired by the eugenics movement in the U.S., and our campaigns of mass sterilizations of “lesser” Americans? There was even a point where our eugenics movement — championed by elites in Ivy League universities and big businesses in America, not to mention the socialists in British high society — wanted to set up public gas chambers so they could separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Eugenics became rightly associated with eugenocide after World War II and has stigmatized a practice seen everywhere from Ancient Greece to modern day China. But the Uppercrust’s fascination with playing God and trying to perfect humanity has never really left them. They’ve simply decided to try and choke off the feasibility of you reproducing by the subtle means we see today.  

It’s a more passive eugenics, a phrase coined by physician James E. Bowman in the late 90s. His examples of passive eugenics focused on the cost barriers to medical resources that often left poor families and children to suffer. However, letting crime run rampant in certain neighborhoods, creating obstacles to stable wealth such as home ownership, and limiting access to vital goods like baby formula cajoles people towards the same outcome that eugenics would ultimately accomplish. 

Our elites have been less coy about their intentions as of late. The lack of available baby formula caused by inflation was framed as a reason for unlimited abortion access by Democratic congresswoman Katie Porter. A few weeks ago, fertilizer shortages caused by the Russia-Ukraine war were touted as a crisis that shouldn’t “go to waste” by the Biden administration’s Samantha Power, who said it speeds up the timeline for farmers to switch to more climate-friendly (and less productive) methods of growing food. Back in March, the Health and Human Services Department advised state child welfare agencies to support LGBT youth, including their access to gender-affirming care. 

It also doesn’t help that Republicans seem like the only ones talking about this — along with their own political goals that make it easy for half the country to write off. Just days before the pandemic, a Republican strategist argued that Democrats from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the Population Connection Action Fund needed to answer for their interest in population control, which is simply eugenics by another name. With so many activists and politicians espousing their degenerate view about unborn children, they’ve made the Biblical adage of “be fruitful and multiply” appear out of fashion. 

But let’s get real: the chances of you becoming the next Gandhi, Napoleon, or Cleopatra are slim to none. You won’t be making it into the history books any time soon, let alone getting the high honor of gracing Google’s homepage. That’s okay, I’m right there with you. The only way most of us can leave a legacy is through the children we have, the grandchildren they give you, and the values and beliefs you instill in them both. 

If you think talking about “legacy” makes you sound like some kind of medieval king, just know that legacies are very important to the elites trying to diminish yours. The New York Times has been run by the Ochs-Sulzberger family for six generations. Legacy admissions make up a sizable portion of incoming freshmen classes at Ivy League schools. Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post and going to space even after creating an online retail empire smacks of a man trying to position himself as one of our era’s most influential people. 

You see, taking part in the physical world is fast becoming a luxury reserved for the blessed classes of society — but first, a plan to control the number of people who will inhabit that physical world needs to be enacted.  

It should strike you as odd as to why there’s such an effort to push all of these things into your spaces. You need to give up your car for the planet, while elites still get to jet around the world. You need to cut back on basics to make ends meet, while elites only have to add an extra zero to their next check. Your kids will be bombarded by gender ideology in the public schools they attend and in the Disney movies they watch, while the children of elites are free to lead happy, normal, bountiful, and more likely than not, heterosexual lives. 

If you protest any of these social experiments, you’ll be canceled into compliance. 

However, that’s where the elite get their current eugenics campaign wrong. Eugenics was originally an act of force. Past governments held up that pseudoscience to justify their heinous actions and implement them on the lesser-thans. The aversion to eugenics forced the rebrand to population control. Now, there’s an attempt to persuade people into giving up the one way we can all guarantee their memory will live on.  

Any rational person can see that the conditions supporting these justifications are manufactured by such a gross level of incompetence that it makes more sense to view it as intentional. Trying to realize this plan after two years of Covid manipulation, which followed four years of Trump hysteria manipulation, which came after three years of social justice manipulation — totaling a decade of our lives — people can’t be convinced.  

Luckily, a fierce, but civil countermovement is being launched against the broader liberal institutional apparatus in states like Florida, Texas and even Virginia.  

The elites behind this effort — as they always are when it comes to sorting out the “fit” versus the “unfit” — are losing their patience. Establishing a de facto Ministry of Truth in the Department of Homeland Security is most definitely done to enforce their neoliberal standards in public discourse. That seems to be the brainchild of the DHS’s stated goal of treating spreaders of “mis-dis- and mal-information” as terrorist threats back in February.  

Don’t expect our elites to be so kind about their aims going forward; and in return, they shouldn’t expect us to be either. 

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Matthew Delaney


Matthew Delaney is a local journalist based in Washington, D.C. When he’s not questioning why he joined the media, he’s doing his part to restore some of its credibility with quality work

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