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To begin with, I come from Texas and my grandfather farmed the land in which I have settled. I reside on the Llano Estacado, the Caprock of the Texas Panhandle, The Desert High Plains, and the end of the breadbasket. My ancestral family survived farming and was near the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. 

To make it simple, I come from Texas dirt and thus have lived a life of grit with a strength you find from the pioneering spirit that created me. 

Our food supply and nutritional value are being hijacked, and you’re paying the price for the deception. There is overwhelming proof that the food designed today is nothing close to what our grandparents raised. 

Even the food we consumed 20 years ago is nowhere close to what we purchase today. 

I’m an independent research analyst with a diverse background. I’ve worked in the intelligence labs of telecommunications and have been a part of several tech startup companies in Austin, Texas. I have a blue-collar background with a high-tech professional career path. 

I’ve spent years studying and understanding behavioral analysis and can disseminate a situation quickly. In short, I have a special set of skills most people do not have access to. 

I know how to operate farming equipment and I know how to perform data analysis. I know how to embed myself into different industries and can do it anonymously. 

These days I have a goal. I am exposing the Industrial Food Complex for what they are and how they manipulate our laws, poison our food, and create false commodities to increase higher yields and higher profits for global corporations. 

These corporations are providing you a slow death and using your ignorance and your consumption as a tool. 

To me, the harvest each year has significant and spiritual meaning. From growing up and helping my grandfather store up food for the seasons, to working in the field weeding (hoeing) cotton. I raised chickens and cattle as a child and now as an adult. 

The harvest is our nutrition, our process in which we grow and become. The harvest allows us to reap what we have sown. These days, we do not have a clue what we’re reaping. 

To begin, Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner in the United States. I am going to use him, along with his investment and food companies, as a gauge and a reference. It does not end with Bill Gates, but in ways, it does start with Bill Gates, Monsanto, and the evolution of genetically engineering our food supply. 

Diving in

In July, I embedded myself into a harvesting company. I am not a harvester in trade, but I’ve participated in many harvests during my life. I wanted to get on the ground and do some research and intelligence gathering on the food supply. I also wanted to hear from the farmers and the ranchers. 

I needed to look them in the eyes and ask them direct questions. What I found was a sense of confusion, fear, and quiet desperation that maybe only I and their family members truly understand or can spot. 

My harvest covered the Midwest, from Texas to North Dakota and back to Texas. We participated in the wheat and canola (rapeseed) harvest. They’re now performing the corn forage harvest and I had a chance to jump back in. 

I met with people responsible for feeding you, and one thing I determined was that they are extremely good at what they do. They have a deep passion that goes back centuries for some. They love what they do and put everything they have into making sure they produce a good product. 

However, I also found out they have no clue who they’re dealing with in terms of the enormous machine behind the Industrial Food Complex that’s poised to change food in ways the world has never seen. 

This article is the first piece in a series, and then a book, that will follow in 2022. It will explain what I found out on the ground, what has happened in the last several decades, and what the true intentions are moving forward. 

I will touch on wheat and canola as well as discuss our cattle industry and several other commoditized ingredients like soy, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup. 

My intention with this first piece is to give a broad outline of the national food supply and the global corporations that decide if you eat or if you starve. The same corporations that control your nutrient supply with the push of a button. 

I’m not a professional author or writer. I’m part of a very powerful civilian intelligence firm that has one mission. We seek the truth, and we expose the lies. 

We do not answer to anyone, and we are very decentralized. We have no monetary ambition, and no corporation or marketing firm sponsors us. We live on the Bitcoin Standard, and we seek the truth. 

My interest peaked when I touched on some research on the water supply in my area. I grew up drinking water from the Ogallala Aquifer. It is one of the biggest aquifers in the country and has been the water source for much of the Midwest for over 100 years. It is vast and shows how it’s extremely important to understand what ownership truly means. 

Bill Gates now owns over 245,000 acres of farmland in the United States. This makes him and his investment firm Cascade Investments the largest farmland owner in the country. 

He’s acquired around 24,000 acres of farmland in Nebraska, his second-largest amount of acreage in any given state. Not only does he own the farmland, he also owns the water rights. 

Now, Bill Gates is no farmer. He allows and pays farmers to farm the land that he purchases. The farmers plant the crops and do so on speculation of markets and seasonal trends. They’re also incentivized by the US government to plant certain crops. By doing so, they get to do what they love and what they know. 

In 1971, after we went off the gold standard, our government and economic experts began creating the “Debt Economy.” It’s the economy that has allowed our country to accomplish many things. Things like war, untold riches, and a food industry the world has never seen. 

We also began creating false commodities. One of these false commodities is Canola. 

Many of the seed oils and false commodities we inject into our food supply are genetically modified. Bill Gates and Monsanto have been the global leaders in the Genetic Engineering of seeds and processed foods. 

To be continued in Part Two… 

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