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“A very good sign that you’ve misunderstood the cause of a disorder is your inability to treat or prevent it.” 

Welcome to the Medical – Pharmaceutical – Agricultural – Complex; MPAC 

I had a discussion this past week with a close friend who is a master carpenter. We talked about problem-solving. He brought up the fact that his profession is nothing more than solving a problem. 

That hit home with me and the path I’ve chosen to pursue. How do we solve the problem of our food supply and the nutrition starvation that has been engineered and is about to go into overdrive? 

The answer is you find the origin of the problem, the origin of the creation, and the origin of the source. You don’t put band-aids on the problem, you don’t cover it up with the rug or hide it in your closet. You get to the source of the issue. 

Today we’ll look at several origins. We’ll look at the origins of the cholesterol myth and how it was hijacked, and how it teamed up with the ‘fat-free’ lie that has been the biggest corporate deception in my lifetime. 

I am going to loosely transcribe some content out of the Fat Fiction Documentary that everyone should watch and then I will go a little deeper into the overall issue. 

Why is there an ever-increasing momentum in obesity and diabetes? The world has failed to eat healthfully by being told the wrong advice since the 1960s. That advice concerns “low-fat” diets. You cannot find another policy that has caused as much harm and metabolic failure as the manipulation of a low-fat diet that eliminates animal fat out of your diet. 

The dietary guidelines that set nutrition standards for every American has led us here:

How did we get here?

For decades, we had it shoved down our throats, literally, that saturated fat is bad for you and that low-fat diets based on vegetable and seed oils are good. This is the lie perpetuated by the very people and organizations that you rely on for valid information about health and nutrition.  

But this lie cannot be believed anymore because it is killing your body, your mind, and your spirit. 

Telling us to make carbohydrates the foundation of our food choices, along with creating the food pyramid in 1992, put this fat fiction and cholesterol psyop into overdrive. 

It was essentially a huge experiment on millions of people, and it has failed miserably. 

Our medical community has become part of the overall issue, too. Currently, it is just a prescription arm of the pharmaceutical industry

Clearly, the medical industry is not the solution. Understanding your nutrition and where it is coming from is the only way you’ll be able to avoid the deception that is occurring.  

Example of the corruption 

The low-fat and cholesterol lie started happening around the same time. It involved the industrial food complex and pharmaceutical and medical industries teaming up to create our food supply. 

Around 1971, the agricultural industry truly changed in the United States. If you aren’t familiar with the turbulence of 1971, take a look here

During this time, the US Department of Agriculture Secretary was Earl Butz. In his time heading the USDA, Butz drastically changed federal agricultural policy and re-engineered many New Deal-era farm support programs. 

For example, he abolished a program that paid corn farmers to not plant all their land (see Henry Wallace’sEver-Normal Granary“). This program had unsuccessfully attempted to prevent a national oversupply of corn and low corn prices. His mantra to farmers was “get big or get out,” and he urged farmers to plant commodity crops like corn “from fencerow to fencerow.” 

These policy shifts coincided with the rise of major agribusiness corporations and the declining financial stability of small family farms. 

Butz took over the Department of Agriculture during the most recent period in American history when food prices climbed high enough to generate political heat. In 1972, the Soviet Union, suffering disastrous harvests, purchased 30 million tons of American grain. Butz helped arrange that sale, hoping it would give a boost to crop prices so restive farmers would come into the Republican fold. 

Butz was also featured in the documentary King Corn. In the film, he’s recognized as the person who started the rise of corn production, large commercial farms, and the abundance of corn in American diets. 

Furthermore, Butz argued in the movie that the corn subsidy dramatically reduced the cost of food for all Americans by improving the efficiency of farming techniques. By artificially increasing demand for food, food production became more efficient and drove down the cost of food for everyone. 

Instead, we lost our grip on control over our nutrition. It has taken us down a path of metabolic failure in so many ways that obesity is now praised and marketed as the new lifestyle. 

In the ‘70s, our government, agricultural, pharmaceutical and medical communities merged and created MPAC. This is the origin of the metabolic failure and health epidemic we’re facing right now. 

This will take you to a report explaining how MPAC plans on turning your nutrition into a global commodity fit for every human on the planet. More so, it will be done with slogans like “Feed the World,” “Fight Climate Change,” and so on. 

This may seem played out, but people still pay attention to the deceptive marketing practices that drive their decision-making. 

How you become the recycling bin 

People truly don’t understand how separated from the earth our food is right now. In the past, ‘farm to table’ was an important and common adage. Throughout our nation’s history, we were close to our food. If we weren’t growing our nutrition, we had a local community that provided most everyone in that community their food. 

Compare that to now, where parts of your diet come across the ocean or are genetically engineered in the lab. Then, the food is grown in a mega crop, then put back into the lab. Afterwards, the food is processed, packaged, and marketed in a way that gives you a rush of dopamine when you buy it and a rush of dopamine when you eat it. 

Every part of your consumption is engineered to create the hamster wheel of deception and addiction, every minute and hour of the day.

To be concluded in Part Two…

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