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The push for the New World Order begins now

By Matthew Delaney 

What do porn, National Anthem protests, and the casual use of the N-word all have in common? They each numb us to things we previously thought were private (sex), sacred (our flag), or taboo (the N word).  

No one associated the NFL’s anthem protest phase as patriotic, just like no one thinks the rap industry’s relationship with the N word makes it into a term of endearment or watching porn is good for your sexual intimacy. These aren’t beliefs — they’re observed reality. 

However, these products of our culture aren’t sold to us authentically in hopes we’ll come around to them. They’re used to desensitize the trust in everything we see and know. It’s a decades-long effort by elites to gradually reshape us how they’d like, and the pandemic has been the anchor sprinter. If they can keep us sedated long enough, they’ll be able to pull off their own New World Order. But that’s a big “if.” 

I don’t have to remind you guys of the damage that’s been wrought over the past 18 months.  

Our public health officials went from “Two weeks to slow the spread” to “If you don’t take this novel vaccine to protect yourself from the man-made virus we let loose, you lose your job.” 

Our media tells us that burning buildings are what peaceful protests look like and that $3.5 trillion is equivalent to $0. 

Our president was elected after barely running a campaign and uses a dummy Oval Office set to deliver speeches and get Covid booster shots. 

Now Biden is saying activists following a female senator into the bathroom to harass her is “just a part of the process.” And his Department of Justice is using the FBI to spook parents from speaking out at school board meetings.  

It’s just one thing after another where we’re told that whatever we’re seeing isn’t what we think it is or isn’t as bad as we think it is. 

We messed up by placating them. Most of us have never really taken these elites seriously anyways, so as long as they didn’t make our lives harder, we didn’t fuss about them.  

But then we elected the ironic anti-elite icon Donald Trump and made an ass out of their highfalutin self-image. The pandemic then became an opportunity for the coordinated interests of media, tech, business and the government bureaucracy to get even with us for betraying their judgment.  

This is a lengthy quote, but Emory University professor Mark Bauerlin said it best:  

“It wasn’t Trump’s politics that disgusted the college presidents, celebrity actors, Google VPs, D.C. operatives and the rest. It was because he pinpointed them as the problem—the reason factories and small stores had closed, unemployment was bad, and PC culture had cast them as human debris. And millions cheered. This was unforgivable to the elites. They sputtered in reply, which only confirmed that our betters aren’t so smart or skilled or savvy, and not so virtuous either, though very good at self-help. The outburst was a long time coming. Trump gave it an outlet, and the scorn for men and women at the top of our country is now widespread and frank. It’s not going to pass any time soon.” 

Elites needed Trump gone so they could anesthetize us again and resume their programming. Too bad we’ve lost our tolerance for their contrived legitimacy during Covid. 

Then again, too bad for us that calling out the self-indulgence hasn’t stopped anything.  

They rarely argue with us about it. Our elites simply say we’re uninformed, or better yet, misinformed. If neither of those work, they’ll insult us and try to force us to comply. 

I think there’s some hesitancy, specifically from establishment critics, about describing these intentions too cynically. Voices across the political spectrum stick with the common trope that “anything that can be attributed to malice, should be attributed to incompetence.” 

I’d agree that the upper crust in our country are incompetent, but they blame their incompetence on the malice of those who haven’t bought what they’re selling. 

Remember when Biden told the nation “Our patience is wearing thin” when targeting roughly 80 million unvaccinated workers with his new (still-to-be-written) OSHA regulations? That’s because he never hit his July 4th vaccination target. 

Or how about Dr. Leana Wen saying unvaccinated people are akin to drunk drivers and shouldn’t be allowed to leave their homes? That’s because the White House won’t go the extra mile to create a federal vaccine passport. 

What they’re selling is the terror of their wrath. As I’ve said before, we’ve had two choices throughout this pandemic — either fear the virus, or fear what happens if you don’t respect the virus.  

All this because we committed the ultimate crime of seeing the charade for what it is. Nothing is allowed to be sacred to you except whatever the elite determines is sacred to them. Your consent will either be cajoled or coerced. Or as the old joke goes, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” 

The unintended consequence of all this is that it’s ruined any chance we will go back to their desired catatonic state. Trump shook us awake, and we can’t unsee “the swamp.” It’ll be an arm-wrestling match from here on out. 

Figuring out if they have the stomach to create this new, subservient world won’t be fun. Elites are like a cornered animal right now. But remember all you had to do was pay attention to put the fear of God into them. Just think what’s possible if you put some effort into your resistance.

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Matthew Delaney


Matthew Delaney is a local journalist based in Washington, D.C. When he’s not questioning why he joined the media, he’s doing his part to restore some of its credibility with quality work

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