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The Rittenhouse trial overshadows Jacob Blake’s sins

By Adam B. Coleman

As the Kyle Rittenhouse trial continues, we have legal analysts hyper focusing on the charges brought against Kyle, media pundits giving their takes, and average Americans waiting for that final moment when Kyle’s fate will be determined. 

We’ve become so enamored with the actions of a then-17-year-old that we’ve forgotten how we even made it to this point. Why was Kyle even there? Not why did Kyle come to the riots, but why were there riots in the first place? 

To some degree, we’ve forgotten what transpired before the riots in Kenosha. Granted, this trial is not directly about Jacob Blake himself, so there is no expectation of having his name continually mentioned during the trial. Outside of the trial itself, however, we no longer talk about Jacob Blake at all. 

The reason we don’t is that we now have a better understanding as to what happened during the encounter between Jacob Blake and the Kenosha police department. Those details are far different from the initial media reports and rumors. 

The initial video clip of Jacob Blake walking away from the police, into what we thought was his vehicle, and being shot was purposely spread for shock effect. Rumors stated that Jacob Blake was there to stop a fight, which was a complete falsehood. There were rumors saying that he was unarmed, too, which was also a lie. 

All this information was found in greater detail only days after the fact, but that was too late for the racial reactionaries, leftist activists, and criminal minded opportunists who were ready to unleash their fury onto Kenosha. 

Consistently, the people who believe they’re revolutionaries for justice are simultaneously the ones willing to destroy a community without letting justice occur. The revolutionaries among us either act like criminals or give way to criminal behavior, as long as it suits their political needs. 

If truth actually mattered to these people, they’d hold out for more information. But it was never about the truth when it came to Jacob Blake. It damn sure wasn’t about justice either. If it was about the truth, there wouldn’t have been a concerted effort to conceal information about Jacob having a knife on him and actively fighting with the police. 

Even more poignant to mention, if it were about justice, they would highlight the real victim was not Jacob Blake, but the woman he continually abused. 

The sins of Jacob Blake were blessed away by even our political establishment. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both communicated with Jacob Blake as he was in the hospital recovering from being shot by the Kenosha police. The President and Vice President treated a neighborhood terrorist like a political martyr. 

If it were really about justice, Joe and Kamala would’ve visited the woman Jacob had repeatedly terrorized instead. They would have also visited the children in the back seat of the vehicle that the police shot Jacob Blake in. 

We always overlook the real victims when we martyr the flawed black men that terrorize the very neighborhoods we pretend to care about.  

On November 6th, 2020, Jacob Blake plead guilty to the lesser charges of disorderly conduct and domestic abuse instead of the initial charges of sexual assault. Of course, Jacob will serve no time in jail because Jacob’s justice was always going to be a form of political justice. 

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is its own entity, and a variety of factors can be debated about the case. However, I can’t help but notice the concerted effort by the media to not invoke Jacob Blake’s name now that we know the truth about his committed sins.

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Adam B. Coleman

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