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The United States of Asch conformity

By Douglas Marolla

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There are people who, especially with the tragic collapse of Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills, think we should talk less about the MRNA vaccine, and the Novel Coronavirus era in general. I don’t think we should stifle any speech regarding Covid and the vaccines that followed it. We need to discuss things more and pump up the volume, especially now.

Hamlin’s situation brings to light the lying and corruption of the control freaks who glommed on to Covid and used it to push around regular people. They are the ones responsible. And there are many examples.

First, school closures were an obvious mistake, as children were at little-to-no risk of dying from Covid. The CDC numbers always bore this out, but school closures were done in the black neighborhood schools anyway (like the one where I work), while some predominantly white private schools opened much earlier, or never closed at all. 1.1 million schoolchildren in Sweden were never locked down. Their numbers are better than most countries. Oddly, the American corporate media quickly dropped any coverage of Sweden after they predicted Swedish Armageddon.

Speaking of the black neighborhood, the “vaccine hesitancy” in the black neighborhood was legendary. No other demographic is even close. Here’s why. As some of you know, I have worked in the Bad Neighborhood HS since 1996. We watched the “Keepers of the Narrative” scream at us, and the world, that America and its government and its systems in general were “systemically racist” for well over a year. We saw the “proof” on TV. Then it became time to ignore all of that (Tuskegee experiments… eugenics… black Wall St.) and go get the Bug Juice or you’re a bad person. Well, regardless of what the media said, black people still got the vaccine less than other demographics because they knew something was wrong with it.

Then there were people like Jay Bhattacharya and Scott Atlas, Sunetra Gupta and Martin Kulldorf – all eminent virologists / epidemiologists from top schools. They were censored and vilified by the corporate media, as well as having their voices stifled by liberal arts majors running social media. They didn’t fit the narrative, and their Stanford, Ivy, and Oxford pedigrees, as well as their calm, reasoned, science-based demeanors, were overly thoughtful and propaganda-proof. We need to hear more from these people.

Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra has blown the whistle on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in Britain. Because his data and credentials are impeccable, he’s nowhere to be found on social or corporate media. Pfizer has gained an impressive stock boost, and the tens of billions they’ve earned have added a few people to the current list of billionaires. Corporate capitalism has never cared for, or worried about the health of the little guy, and it didn’t begin to do these things in 2020 either.

Another absurd declaration during those times was people saying, “Trust the science.” Once you see the inherent flaw and foolishness in that statement, you can’t unsee it.

The further and faster the Covid shenanigans fade into the past, the better. But we should never stop talking about what was the largest Asch conformity experiment in modern history. Before I get the usual suspects shouting about the death count, depending upon your source (and age of the victim), only 10-20% of the numbers died purely of Covid. The rest were deaths of something else while the patient tested positive. So, while some people died of pneumonia, it was listed as Covid because they also had Covid. While this may seem reasonable at times, other times it was ridiculous. My favorite example of this was the guy who died in a motorcycle accident in Florida, popped a positive “test,” and was counted as a Covid death. It should be noted that Florida’s Department of Health later removed the Florida man’s death from the count. But still, it does seem like everybody was getting paid.

We need to talk more about these things. We need more talk about the numbers behind the MRNA vaccine rollouts. The demented and despicable corporate media will continue to gaslight critics of the vaccine and the possibility that it contributed to Damar Hamlin’s awful situation. People need to be the person in the Asch conformity experiment who refuses to conform and instead speaks the truth that is right in front of our faces.

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Douglas Marolla

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