Reporters often joke that journalists are going to the “dark side” when they go into PR. After reading about Geoff Morrell, a hero I didn’t know I needed, I understand the temptation.

Here’s the deal: A regulatory filing from Disney last week, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, has put a spotlight on Morrell’s incredibly brief but wildly lucrative tenure at the company.

As the head of Disney’s head of PR for just three months, from January to April of last year, Morrell made about $150,000 a day, my colleague Chris Isidore reports.

That sum included salary, bonuses and $537,438 for relocating his family from London to Los Angeles, as well as an additional $500,000 to “account for his unique circumstances” of having relocating the family again upon his departure.

On top of that, Disney is buying out the rest of Morrell’s contract. He’ll receive an additional $4 million in the current fiscal year that ends October 1 to pay out the rest of his contract, along with the target bonus he would have received for 2022.

So, in total, adjusting for an unvested performance bonus and payments yet to come, Morrell is walking away with $10.3 million for exactly one-quarter of a year’s work. And he’s already landed himself another gig as president of the global strategy and communications unit of Teneo, a CEO advisory firm.