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To Vaxx or not to Vaxx: A special series about the truth of the vaccines


Editor’s note: The opinions expressed here are those of the authors. View more opinion on ScoonTV. 

This is the first in a series of articles providing comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the vaccines in one single place. I know I haven’t come across anything that comes close to this. 

No matter what you believe, this is important information. It’s also a great resource to use as a reference or starting point for your own journey of discovery. Even though there are more, I only used credible sources that either side cannot denigrate.  

A great debate and divide has currently taken hold of society:  

To Vaxx or Not to Vaxx? That is the question. 

These are trying times. The one thing people hold dearer than religion and politics is their health. Judging by the numbers of vaccinated vs unvaccinated, it’s safe to say the country, and world for that matter, are split down the middle. What was once an innocuous subject now divides family and friends.  

Is it safe or not? There are a plethora of commercials, news, doctors, articles, PSA’s and billboards stating they are safe and effective. But what about the other side? Sadly, most information, doctors, and scientists who question the narrative find themselves attacked, censored, and de-platformed. It’s difficult to find trustworthy sources arguing against the mainstream narrative. But they are out there.  

There are many doctors and scientists who raise legitimate questions about covid vaccine efficacy and long-term safety. This is not to say we know which side is right. However, there are enough credible sources that should, at the very least, make us circumspect when deciding whether to get the covid vaccine. 

This series hopes to shed light on the “other side” and impart you with information that you may otherwise never know. Everything and everyone represented are credible, legitimate, and accredited sources. 

Hopefully, none of this is correct and everyone will be fine. But I’m afraid the evidence is overwhelming and growing daily. 

I have researched this subject more than anything. I’ve read peer reviewed studies, medical journal publications, essays, science literature, and watched countless videos of doctors and scientists from both sides. I’ve paid attention to worldwide statistics, news stories, VAERS data, etc. 

I did my homework, and the only logical conclusion one can draw is that we simply do not know its long term efficacy. Period. Short term efficacy is increasingly being proven to be in doubt, too. 

Finally, there are simply far too many adverse reactions for these to be considered safe at this time. Even if you believe they are safe, you must acknowledge that reported adverse reactions are far greater than past vaccines that got pulled from the market over far fewer adverse events. These adverse reactions should no longer be labeled as “rare” because new stories pop up daily.  

In fact, Detroit ABC News posted a Facebook request asking for people to submit stories of losing an UNVACCINATED loved one to covid. What they got instead was over 60,000 responses from people claiming they’ve suffered vaccine-related injuries. The response was astounding. 

It’s a common refrain to say that one death is too many when it comes to Covid-19. How many deaths and adverse reactions to the vaccine are acceptable? 

The FDA was recently court ordered to release the documents they used in determining the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for the Pfizer vaccine. The FDA requested that the release be delayed for 55-75 years! Luckily, the court denied their request and ordered the documents released.  

The first trove of released documents revealed that a shocking 1227 people died during the first 90 days of the Pfizer vaccine trial between December 2020 and February 28, 2021. Additionally, more than 93,000 adverse reactions were documented.

This is just the beginning of revelations to come as more documents are released. Yet, the FDA inexplicably still approved the EUA. They have some serious explaining to do because those two data points alone mean that the EUA should NEVER have been granted. 

VAERS has received many reports for a variety of vaccine injuries. VAERS only accounts for 1% of the actual number of cases. Even if you take into consideration that a percentage of the VAERS data isn’t an actual case, the numbers are still breathtaking. 

VAERS currently lists just over 18K vaccine-related deaths (1%) which means there are potentially upwards of 1.8M deaths we don’t know about. The US currently has 777K (updated from 736K) covid deaths without taking any comorbidities into account. 

“VAERS is unreliable!” you say. Okay fine, ignore it. Throw it out and only use Pfizer’s documents. 1227 people died in the first three months. By comparison, the H1N1 vaccine was pulled from the market after only 51 deaths. What makes a higher death count acceptable for the covid vaccines? Plus, these are the numbers Pfizer is letting us see. Is it not possible they’re hiding even more harmful facts from the public? 

News recently broke that we can’t even be sure that we can trust Pfizer’s clinical trial data. In a shocking new revelation by the British Medical Journal, a whistleblower claimed that Pfizer “falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial.”  

A Phase III trial means human subjects. Assuming this is true, it means that Pfizer falsified data and was slow to investigate and perhaps even report adverse effects. We are just beginning to experience the ramifications of this. 

NBA player Brandon Goodwin developed season-ending blood clots within four weeks of the vaxx. Professional tennis player, Jeremy Chardy, had to end his season, alleging vaccine-related injury. There are many more cases of public figures suffering from the vaccine. You just have to look for them. 

There are numerous stories and videos of people suffering myocarditis, clots, paralysis, body tremors, inexplicable body pain, Guillain Barre Syndrome, heart attacks, and strokes shortly after being vaccinated. These are people with no medical history and are across all age groups. Particularly, young people are reporting these injuries, despite typically not suffering these types of ailments. 

Many professional athletes have collapsed from heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and other cardiac issues in the past year alone. 

Barcelona soccer star Sergio Aguero was admitted to the hospital for a “cardiac exam” after experiencing chest pain during a match on October 32, 2021. On November 1, 2021, professional soccer player Emil Palsson collapsed mid-game from a heart attack. 24-year-old hockey player Boris Sadecky died from cardiac arrest during a game. 

It’s possible these cases had nothing to do with the vaccines. But when was the last time you heard of so many professional athletes, young and in peak physical condition, suddenly falling ill like this? 

It is known that the mRNA vaccines cause myocarditis and particularly in adolescent boys. There are cases of otherwise healthy teens developing myocarditis. Myocarditis damage is for life. The heart can’t repair itself. 

The Myocarditis Disease Market Projections Chart projects the myocarditis market to quadruple between 2020 through 2027. Hmmm… 

In one recent story, an otherwise healthy 15-year-old boy died from heart issues two days after receiving the vaccine. There are many more stories like his and of healthy adolescents developing myocarditis after being vaccinated. 

It’s important to note that sample cases alone do not prove the vaccine to be the cause. It is very possible that they would’ve occurred naturally anyway. However, please note that many cases are occurring in age demographics that historically do not see these types of illnesses. 

It’s important to look at overall percentages to see if there are unusual increases. There are more than enough similar cases to halt the vaccinations just as they did with prior vaccines and medicines over far fewer adverse events.  

US Deaths Up a Whopping 40% Since Vaccine Began

“All cause deaths in the US have increased a whopping 40%!” 

OneAmerica Life Insurance CEO Scott Davison recently made this shocking statement on video. It’s important to note that a typical 1-every-200 years event such as the Spanish Flu would only account for a 10% bump.  

Other life insurance companies are seeing the same increase. What’s most troubling about this statistic is that it’s occurring in the 18-64 age demographic. This is not an age group where we should be seeing a spike of this magnitude. His statement is further backed up by Brian Tabor, the president of the Indiana Hospital Association. He stated that the extraordinarily high death rate quoted by Davison matched what hospitals in the state are seeing. 

This should be alarming because it is unheard of. Something is causing people to die at an exaggerated rate, and it isn’t covid. The timing of this increase indicates that the cause occurred in 2021.

Recently Sweden, Denmark, and Finland all halted the use of Moderna for ages 30 and under. 

While it is true that mRNA vaccines have been researched for decades, they’ve never been on the market until 2020

It’s believed that a number of adverse events and deaths are caused by improper technique. The vaccine is supposed to be injected into the shoulder muscle where it should remain. In order to ensure they aren’t injecting the bloodstream; they must aspirate the needle. This means they must draw back the plunger and see if any blood enters the syringe. If they see blood, they are supposed to throw out that syringe and start again. 

They’re arguably not doing this. Therefore, a number of people are being injected directly into the bloodstream. This will account for adverse reactions such as heart attacks, strokes, clots and death anywhere from the same day to seven days from being jabbed. 

For those paying attention, the news is startling. But how exactly are these vaccines allegedly damaging the body? The next installment will tackle the science and delve into exactly what could be happening inside a vaccinated person’s body.

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