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Too many people rely on helplessness and hopefulness

By Rex Liberman 

Internationally acclaimed musician Eric Clapton recently went public with his negative reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. Though he made no mention of partisan politics in his first-hand account, the leftist mob attacked him with the same fury they would for any antivaxxer. They called him reckless and even racist for having the gall to inform the world that he experienced serious side effects. 

Now, certain people will consider him a conspiracy theorist and threat to democracy. Ironically, though, had he simply died from the vaccine, his legacy would’ve remained untarnished. Why has such an intense fervor arisen from the left in regard to vaccinations? Because the left has totally aligned with a reality of self-destructiveness, which is in and of itself an abandonment of human nature.  

The tree of liberalism has many different branches from which politicians can swing. The trunk of the tree is formed from helplessness and hopefulness. The combination puts weak minds into a frenzy because it makes life’s difficulties seem existential. But, perhaps with a little help from big brother, they become manageable. 

It’s subversive because it undercuts the human spirit. When the cure to your sickness is just the slow drip of more sickness, how will you get better? Only two options exist: either the world must change, or someone must save you. In this sense, liberalism itself is its own oppression hierarchy. 

The individual is completely disregarded and disempowered; forced to sit in the audience of life and cheer for his hero to achieve victory. How can anything but nihilism grow in this soil of guaranteed victimization and helplessness? It’s a dishonest narrative instilled to make people malleable rather than strong.  

Shrewd politicians know that to appease the human spirit you must give it something to cling to. So, they enter the story as the brave hero willing to fight for the helpless which they themselves created. Then, the stakes become high to the audience then. If the hero is defeated, who will provide hope to the helpless? All of a sudden, the game feels like life or death, when all that’s really needed is to leave the theater and take accountability for yourself. 

It’s a weak existence. Sane people hate being told that they can’t do something; liberals love it. 

The COVID-19 pandemic made something clear about liberalism and the abandonment of personal agency. Disempowered people prefer fantasy to reality, as long as they have that hero to root for. Liberals remain mired in dysfunction, so their primary source of purpose becomes the drama of good vs. evil. This explains why they’ll go to any length to justify their hero’s behavior.  

The people want pain and purpose. It’s why the entertainment complex enjoys a stranglehold over popular culture, and why politics has become an extension of that complex. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo still enjoys a cadre of political groupies despite a morbid mismanagement of COVID-19 and sexual assault accusations. He does so because he knows what his voters truly want. 

He doesn’t give them a better life. Doing so would mean they now have something they must protect and cherish, and that would require real strength. Cuomo and his colleagues know that nobody wants real change; they just want to enjoy the show. So, he gives them what they want, helplessness and hopefulness. The only thing ever off limits is transparency. 

Liberals hate transparency because it requires taking personal responsibility even in the midst of victimization or oppression. That’s what real transparency looks like.  Society affords vanities like labels, ideologies, and activism because they face little real danger. In times of true self-preservation, the doctrines of liberalism become an afterthought.  

Coming to terms with your own capabilities makes you a better-adjusted individual. It also makes you apt to people who can’t protect themselves. You’d think that would make a Democrat’s heart sing. But alas, liberals will try to ruin your life if you point out this inconvenient truth. 

For them, the fantasy they live feels better than the reality of succeeding. They don’t realize that only one class of people benefits from the absurdity, and it’s not the real heroes of the world. 

Here’s another bit of transparency: the unilateral power of modern politicians has made them the terrestrial gods of humanity. They build the infrastructure, issue the currency, and frame the law. Federal bureaucratic reach has nearly eliminated the constitutional concept of states’ rights. Politicians have become many peoples’ only chance at survival. 

Therefore, Democratic leadership can get away with any crime as long as the tree keeps giving fruit. Savvy leaders know that real leadership requires abandoning vulnerability and empathy. This is despite them constantly waxing poetically about emotions. 

The sleight of hand grants them a license to act with impunity. They grow stronger to the point of near invincibility yet are never chastised as long as the drama unfolds predictably. Leftists think they’re cheering for Superman, but it’s really Lex Luther in a red cape. 

So here we are, stuck in this bizarro screenplay of disempowerment and COVID-19 propaganda. We’re departed from reality in favor of a drama where liberals deem who heroes are. Liberals label anyone undertaking their own heroic journey, thus bucking the audience groupthink as “part of the problem.”  

This is the brilliance of relying on helplessness and hopefulness. In effect, leftist’s years of subversion yielded a role reversal. Now, people feel obligated to work on behalf of the government, instead of the other way around. Helplessness ushers in a departure from human nature, while hopefulness has the departed destroy anyone who stands in their way.  

In this paradigm, liberals cosplay the superhero story without any skin in the game. When liberals imbue their voters’ daily outrage with self-satisfaction, they reward cowardice like bravery. Democrats get to complain and then be commended for the effort. To a disenfranchised nihilist obsessed with order but devoid of ambition, what could be sweeter? 

At its core, the ruse is a castration disguised as a coronation. Leftist doctrine’s most vocal supporters gladly go along with any ridiculous cause as long someone acknowledges their helplessness and hopefulness.  

We see it play out daily. They fight for rights they technically already have and remove those same rights from any group who disagrees with them. They’re smart enough to understand the subversion, but too stupid to realize they could be the mark. So, they laugh at “facts” and “statistics” that contradict their worldview, instead claiming to “read between the lines.”  

Is it any wonder they’ve turned a virus that most healthy people overcome naturally into a world-ending existential threat that only their hero can defeat? Under this good vs. evil illusion, they’ve labeled anything or anyone standing in their hero’s way as an enemy. 

The liberal political machine has downplayed real human experience, thus fostering helpless dependence and loyalty. All of that in exchange for a bit part in a fantasy drama of their own making. 

The thing about a story, though, is that it eventually ends. Once the hero overcomes the difficult circumstance, the lights come on and the credits roll. But just because art imitates life does not mean that art is life.  

The liberal heroic arc takes on a life of its own, with no mind being paid to human behavior. It wages war with no explicit endpoint, because unnatural liberalism only equates success with disruption. Leftists won’t examine their own shortcomings objectively. Instead, leftists take the easier, tyrannical road by lashing out at anything that threatens their hopefulness. 

Then, amidst the smoke and rubble, they congratulate everyone on set for a job well-done. We were right all along, they will say, life really is just smoldering wreckage! 

Life isn’t a movie, though, and the “heroes” snuffing out the “evils” of self-reliance and independence cause massive harm.  

They closed the economy, diluted the money supply, and eroded the middle class. Now, propaganda and vaccine coercion ring each day in the liberal echo chamber. And if you do anything actually heroic, like stand up for yourself against the mob’s tyranny? They’ll label you as the villain.  

When helplessness and hopefulness determine someone’s trajectory, rather than honesty and self-development, everything becomes backwards. Mob rule becomes preferable to individual empowerment. 

It’s a house of cards that cannot stand because it completely disregards the agency of the individual. And frankly, the individual is all that there is, ever.  

Lex Luther has put on the red cape and squeezed into the tights, but he’ll never be able to fly like Superman. Conservatives, need to stop trying to fight the villains and instead become an army of Supermen themselves. Eventually, the dishonesty of refusing transparency will collapse, and human nature will render the entire motif moot again, just as it did at the fall of all great empires.

When that day comes, safety will not be guaranteed, and whatever ideology you “identify” with will be meaningless. Strength of character and strength of judgment will be all that matters. Superman will prosper, and Lex Luther will wither away. Human nature guarantees it.

Take your health seriously and do whatever you believe to be right for you, because nobody else has to live with the consequences. A man’s preparation for life is his own responsibility. Put on the cape and take flight, judgment of the weak be damned.

Rex Liberman


Rex Liberman is a Southerner who has lived on the East and West coasts and currently resides in Los Angeles. A veteran of both corporate and blue-collar America, he brings a perspective to social commentary that all people from all walks of life can appreciate. Rex is most interested in the intersection between self-development and politics, and how we can come together by better understanding what drives us apart.

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