Obama-appointed activist Judge Tanya Chutkan – who’s behind some of the most “extreme sentencing of January 6th defendants” while “openly supporting the violent Black Lives Matter riots of 2020” – has denied a request to move Donald Trump’s federal election-interference trial until after the 2024 US election.Instead, the trial will start March 4, 2024 in what the WSJ framed as ‘seeking a balance’ between prosecutors’ request for a Jan. 2 start date, and Trump’s request to push the trial to April 2026, citing the large volume of evidence they will have to examine, as well as the historic nature of the case.

Trump is the first president in US history accused of blocking the peaceful transfer of power to his successor, which his lawyers characterized as “terra incognita.”

Never in the history of the United States have we seen a case of this magnitude go to trial in four months, and this man’s liberty and life is at stake,” said Trump attorney John Lauro on Monday. “He deserves an adequate representation. He’s no different than any American.”