Trump walks out of courtroom as closing arguments begin in E. Jean Carroll trial

Former President Donald Trump walked out of a New York courtroom as an attorney for the writer E. Jean Carroll delivered her closing argument in Carroll’s defamation suit.

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s attorney, was about 10 minutes into her remarks when Trump, who was seated at the defense table, got up and walked out of the room. Soon after, Kaplan asked the jury to award Carroll at least $24 million in damages.

Before Trump left, Kaplan repeatedly told the jury that he sexually assaulted Carroll, prompting the former president to shake his head. She then moved on to Trump’s repeated defamatory statements, and said that “typically when people are held liable for false and defamatory lies, they stop.”

“He continued to defame Ms. Carroll even as this trial was ongoing,” Kaplan said.

The case is the second defamation suit Carroll has filed against Trump. In the trial to resolve Carroll’s first suit in May 2023, a jury found Trump liable for defamation and sexual abuse, and awarded Carroll $5 million.