Two students accuse Hillsdale College of retaliating against them after reporting sexual assaults

Two young women who reported to their conservative Michigan college that they were sexually assaulted by male students have accused the school in a lawsuit of conducting “phony investigations” into their allegations and then blaming them “for being raped.”

Danielle Villarreal, 21, said she filed a report of her assault to the police as well as Hillsdale College and wound up leaving the school after discovering that the male student she said attacked her had not been punished and was still on campus.

“You have this feeling like there’s a target on your back and you’re not getting any support from the school,” Villarreal, who now attends Vanderbilt University, told NBC News. “I felt it wasn’t safe for me to be there anymore.”

Grace Chen, who is a 21-year-old junior at Hillsdale College, said both she and her mother were repeatedly rebuffed when they asked the school for proof in writing that they investigated her assault allegation.