The U.S. Coast Guard said it offloaded more than 4,800 pounds of cocaine worth over $63 million at a port in Florida on Thursday — two days after officials said Coast Guard officers fired at and sank a speedboat suspected of smuggling drugs in the Caribbean Sea.

The cocaine offloaded on Thursday was the result of two operations off the coast of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, the Coast Guard said in a social media post. The operation was conducted by a Royal Netherlands Navy patrol boat, which had a Coast Guard law enforcement detachment and helicopter interdiction tactical squadron on board.

The announcement of the cocaine seizures came just two days after authorities said the same Dutch navy ship and U.S. Coast Guard assets in the Caribbean Sea “identified a vessel suspected of smuggling narcotics in international waters.” Officials said in a news release Thursday that the suspected drug vessel, a speedboat, failed to stop early Tuesday morning when signaled and instead headed straight toward the Dutch patrol boat.