n Friday, close to 13,000 United Auto Workers members went on strike at three plants in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. This approach, called ‘selective strikes,’ leaves big Detroit automakers guessing where the next labor action will emerge. Such tactics give union negotiators leverage at the bargaining table, with discussions set to restart on Saturday.

UAW strikes have targeted plants of General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis, the Chrysler parent company. Data from Wards Intelligence shows the three plants account for 9% of the Detroit companies’ overall vehicle production in North America.

The union has a war chest of $825 million strike fund that can prolong the strikes if need be. On Thursday night, UAW boss Shawn Fain said the selective strike strategy “will keep the companies guessing” and “our national negotiators maximum leverage and flexibility in bargaining.”

More on the union’s war chest from Deutsche Bank: