A federal judge has said that he won’t hire law clerks who have signed onto letters that he believes effectively support Hamas’ deadly attacks in Israel.

Judge Matthew Solomson of the US Court of Federal Claims made the statement in an Oct. 11 LinkedIn post.

“To me, it’s a simple proposition that just like no judge would hire anyone who endorsed the KKK or the Nazis, anyone who endorses or approves or otherwise gives comfort to — in writing — Hamas, should not be hired,” the judge said in an Oct. 13 interview.

“If you sign on to a letter that, in essence, supports the actions of Hamas, you’re out as far as I’m concerned. And if you don’t agree with what the organization said, then in this case, resign.”

Solomson’s comments comes as law students face criticism for signing onto statements viewed as blaming Israel for the Hamas attacks, prompting at least one law firm to withdraw a job offer as a result.