Violent crew terrorizing NYC newsstand vendors steals $15K in two-week spree

A violent crew terrorized newsstand vendors — dragging them out of their booths and making off with as much as $15,000 — during a brazen two-week spree in the shadow of some of the Big Apple’s most recognizable landmarks, according to police.

Cops are hunting four brutes who are part of a gang that has robbed sidewalk clerks nine times since Jan. 1, including in attacks near Carnegie Hall and the Ed Sullivan Theater in Midtown, the NYPD said.

The hoodlums ambush the typically-older sellers at night, pulling them out the side door of the newsstands, knocking them to the ground, then threatening to shoot or slash them before making off with whatever they have in their pockets or cash register, cops said.

“They just take the money,” said Al Maruf, 28, who mans the newsstand in front of 1750 Broadway, across from the Ed Sullivan Theater.