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Where are the strong men?

By David Wanderi

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From incels to being “red-pilled,” there is no shortage of toxic masculinity on the internet. Factions of men banding together all under the general umbrella of the manosphere have been making major waves in recent years. Figures such as Kevin Samuels or Andrew Tate have garnered negative attention for their allegedly misogynist views. With all the negative press in that direction, you’d think less men would subscribe to their rhetoric. The opposite is true.  

Whether you want to admit it or not, there’s a debate to be had with the current state of masculinity in the Western world. Hundreds of opinions are clashing as to what it means to be an ideal man. Some people are taking bits and elements of proper masculinity from famous religious texts like the Bible or the Koran. Others are inspired by 4chan and Tiktok. No matter which side of the spectrum you land on, the debate is undeniably a hot one and needs to be addressed. 

So, how has the concept of masculinity changed in recent years? First off, the role of men in America has changed because of the modern advancements for women. As a society, we should be happy that women over the last 50 years have had many positive advancements in the realm of equality. With this shift in jobs and access, there was bound to be push back, especially from men. 

Men no longer being the sole providers for their home would certainly change dynamics in the home, however there are many men in the manosphere who claim they wouldn’t have a problem with women having civil rights. Obviously, there are radical believers who basically hate women, but the issue at hand doesn’t solely point back to women gaining equality. 

The issue’s root lies at the function of a man in society and the nuances that come with it. America since its inception has had significant Christian influences embedded into its society.  Culture in this country has been slowly stepping away from those values and with that departure has been the exit of different perceptions which were rooted in those religious texts.  

A reason this divide is so massive is due to there being no general consensus to the foundational definition of masculinity. Even in the manosphere there are subgroups of subgroups that disagree with each other because they have different viewpoints of what is the ideal man. It’s an argument that can never be solved because no one is arguing on the same playing field. For example, it is very difficult for a credited scientist to engage in an argument with a believer of flat earth theory because they’re not arguing from the same position of science.  

In the political world, there’s a plethora of individuals who’ve alleged that masculinity is being attacked and the country needs to focus on it. Proponents of the conservative far-right such as Candace Owens or Rizza Islam have stated there’s an attack on masculinity in this country. Interestingly enough, many of these proponents attach legitimate issues going on with men to being a by-product of a “war on masculinity.”    

It’s no shock that men have issues. From the suicide rate amongst men being the highest to men alarmingly not graduating from college. We’re on a downward spiral which needs to be stopped. In the manosphere, the boogieman held responsible for this spiral is an alleged far-left anti-masculinity agenda.  

The truth tends to be very obvious and less interesting than the fear created by one’s imagination. In this case, men don’t have anyone to blame for the current state of masculinity other than men. Most societies have been ruled by patriarchal systems, and even to this day the United States of America is still largely patriarchal. Men who wish to cling to conservative values are still allowed to do so, there is no law that has outlawed traditional masculinity. Honestly, people are up in arms because there are more people who disagree with this philosophy.  

Personally, I’m a Christian man who upholds the Christian values of masculinity in my life. Many of the men I’m surrounded by live by a similar code. Despite there being different opinions on what it means to be a man, I choose to disagree with them and live my life accordingly. I do not care about the other beliefs of masculinity because I don’t believe in them. I don’t need to demean women or the others who disagree with me, because I’m not in control of their lives.  

So much of this outrage is rooted in control. There are men who don’t have control over many aspects of their lives. As they seek improvement through clinging to conservative philosophies, they simultaneously attack anyone else, especially women, who disagree with them. No one is obligated to believe what I believe and living that way has made my life and others a lot easier. 

This debate about strong men in society is a matter of personal preference. The sooner people keep their beliefs to themselves, the sooner it ends. We’re allowed to disagree on personal philosophies. Freedom of speech is one of the things that makes America amazing. The toxic politicians and men who take advantage of vulnerable men need to be ignored because they don’t care about actual masculinity. They only care about advancing in power using whatever agenda is at their disposal.

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David Wanderi

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