Summer break is the ultimate reward for so many students, but what if those weeks of vacation were no longer an option?

The Philadelphia School District is partnering with Mayor Cherelle Parker to develop a plan that could completely alter the traditional school calendar for city schools.

Superintendent Tony Watlington laid out some of the details during a city council meeting last week, stating that it would begin with 20 pilot schools.

2024-2025 school year: Extended day classes, summer programs

“For year one, we are looking to expand before and after school and to layer on some enriching activities,” Watlington said.

Those activities will also extend into the current summer break to give students “safe, enriching summer experiences.”

Beginning 2025: Extended district calendar

The 20 pilot schools will start the school year before the rest of the district, eliminating the longer summer break. However, officials say students will get smaller breaks throughout the year.

“So they won’t go to school 365 days or 300 days a year,” Watlington said. “They’ll have holidays, and they’ll have small breaks built in.”

Further details, including names of the pilot schools, break schedules and activity offerings have yet to be released.