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Accountability part two: The truth will set you free

By Che

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My last article was about “accountability,” and I promised a part 2 to supplement it. I wrestled with the article for a week or two, because I don’t want to just regurgitate the same talking points that you hear from your more prominent journalists.

As I contemplated, I received a gift: Roe v Wade, the long standing controversial Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion, had been overturned. 

From a constitutional law point of view, I agree with the ruling. SCOTUS did what they are supposed to do: bypass activism and adhere to the law. You can’t introduce new “rights” that would be federally protected without having a say from the people. That’s the exact opposite of “democracy.” Yet, the “save our democracy” crowd doesn’t see it that way. They believe they should have the authority to make up new rules as they go as long as it serves their interests.  

Power, in my opinion, should be with the people and not a centralized government. 

But abortion is much more complex than legalities. Abortion is a hot-button cultural issue that affects much more than women. It speaks to how our society holds itself accountable for its actions. This has been the theme in the new woke world being forced upon us. Nothing is your fault, therefore “do what thou wilt.” 

The argument on “where life begins” is just as laughable at asking what a woman is. Prior to your father’s sperm fertilizing your mother’s egg, there was no physical concept of you. The rest is vague arguments in support of answers that will never be reached. 

The real problem with abortion cannot be legislated like most of our major issues. Banning abortion does not address the fact that we are being turned into a soft, entitled people. We can’t live with the consequences of our actions, so we stomp our feet and sulk in self-pity until someone comes along and grants us our demands. There is no thought to the lessons learned as we struggle to define ourselves. Instead, we sit behind a keyboard and begrudge a world that just isn’t fair enough for us. 

We are being deprived of these lessons, these values that equip you with the necessary tools to navigate this cutthroat world, and it’s not an accident. 

As discussed in part one, accountability is the key to freedom. If you lack accountability, then you continue to make the same mistakes. You’re forever in the chains of the unknown entity that is causing your anguish. One day, when this nebulous entity decides to show mercy and remove the boot from our necks, we will be free. Until then, we wait and muddle in our misery. 

Accountable people take life into their own hands. They own every decision and deal with life as it actually is and not how they feel it should be. These people value freedom and independence above handouts. This is why they are a threat to the establishment and must be stopped. That’s why they keep it from you. 

Today we see a lot of excuses cloaked in justice, but they’re really for empowering the establishment. They use issues like “women’s rights” to do two things; profit off of the abortion industrial complex via pharmaceuticals, food flavor enhancements, cosmetics, etc.; and create an unambitious, dependent victim class who will need the establishment to survive. 

When the #MeToo movement started, we were told to “believe all women” when it came to rape and sexual assault. Their stories couldn’t be questioned or else you were a sexist and a bigot. So, no one said anything and stayed in the public’s good graces. But who was hurt worse by this? The individual who dared to speak the truth suffering public ridicule, or women in general who have been led to believe they can have their cake and eat it too? The lessons lost from not having to account for one’s actions are immeasurable. 

Just recently, California signed a bill that decriminalizes loitering with the intent to commit prostitution. This essentially means that half-naked women can walk the streets turning tricks and no one can say or do anything about it. 

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon cited that the reason this is a good thing is that “people of color, especially in the transgender community, were disproportionately targeted for arrest.” 

This is a false and misleading statement. It implies that there is an equal amount of racial representation on the “hoe stroll” and police choose to target the “people of color” over their white counterparts. This gives the impression that arrests and convictions are being made not because they broke the law, but because of their skin color. 

Again, who does this hurt the most? I would argue the victims are prostitutes and the children growing up in an environment where this behavior is acceptable. After all, it’s the police who are choosing to criminalize them, not their own actions. We see this played out time and time again where activists downplay the others’ misdeeds to gain clout and ultimately financial gain. This does nothing but weaken the very people they claim to be helping because it removes from them the incentive to actually change their behavior. 

If we preached that prostitution was bad, we may actually change the behavior. If we learned from those who are high on drugs, instead of making excuses, we could actually change things. If we taught women to value their bodies and not to just sleep with anyone, then they would be willing to take ownership of their lives and see progress be made. 

Instead, we allow the sneaky whisperer to deceive us and tell us “it’s not our fault,” and then we continue down the same path. 

Accountability is needed in today’s world more than ever. People are demoralized and society is losing faith in itself. The only way we can return to stability is to embrace accountability. 

We have to tell the truth. We have to stand on truth. We cannot allow the ideologues, who want nothing more than to have a dependent worker class at its disposal, to dictate society. That’s the end game, to turn you into a dependent, helpless slave who walks through life feeling like they can never achieve because they’re forever bound by training wheels. 

“The truth shall set you free” because when you tell the truth you can actually make change. Accountability is the key, and they don’t want to give up the keys to their kingdom. 

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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