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Biden is turning away Cuban refugees for racist reasons

By John Sullivan 

For decades, Cuba’s communist regime has abused the Cuban people. From denying them the basic rights of free speech, and free elections, to inhumane prison conditions where detractors are beaten for criticizing the regime. Human rights organizations across the world have documented the testimony of refugees forced to flee the island nation, or face imprisonment and possibly death.   

Since the 1960s, more than 2 million Cubans have fled their island homes. 1.4 million of them relocated in the United States alone. It’s still the largest refugee flow into the United States to date, with that number rising yearly as thousands more make the journey.   

The majority of them made that trip before 1996, when Clinton signed the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act into law. Keep that in mind when you hear the narrative about embargoes causing the hardships in Cuba. 

The CLDS act prevents the President from ending the embargo on Cuba until the regime ends its repression of free speech, establishes free elections, and the Castro brothers are removed from power.   

In 1968, Fidel Castro closed over 55,000 small businesses on the island, seizing the properties, and ending business ownership by middle- and lower-class Cubans. 

The government seized tens of thousands of small businesses and exiled the owners who protested. They stole from hardworking Cubans, who spent their life savings, and their precious time building their own businesses.   

That is why there’s an embargo on Cuba. 

Many of these skilled labourers exiled are now Cuban American citizens. Their children make up a large portion of Florida’s Latin American community, particularly in the Miami Dade county area. They influence a vital voting bloc in the conservative leaning state, even spawning Cuban American conservatives like Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz. 

Could this be the reason the Biden administration has elected to turn away Cuban refugees fleeing the Cuban government’s latest crackdown?   

For one, it’s no secret the Cuban government is a left-wing government. With an expressed love of Karl Marx, and an open embrace of communism, no one would argue Castro was anything but left-wing. Without even digging into polls, one could easily guess that refugees fleeing a left-wing dictator are not likely to vote for left leaning politicians.   

But just to delve into the statistics, 58% of registered Cuban voters are registered as Republicans. Not independents, but Republicans. 

This raises serious concerns when the Biden administration turns away refugees crossing the sea to escape political persecution. On the official Biden/Harris campaign page, the campaign assured voters that, 

“As president, Biden will forcefully pursue policies that safeguard our security, provide a fair and just system that helps to grow and enhance our economy, and secure our cherished values.”   

Beneath this lovely statement, the campaign outlined some of those cherished values were. Fourth on the list is the promise to “Reassert America’s commitment to asylum-seekers, and refugees.” 

Unfortunately, this line doesn’t apply to those that don’t agree with Joe Biden politically. 

The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security announced on July 13th, 2021, that the United States would not accept refugees and asylum seekers fleeing Cuba and Haiti, another nation whose exiles distrust the Democratic party, and its Clinton Foundation ties.   

“If individuals make, establish a well-founded fear of persecution or torture, they are referred to third countries for resettlement,” The Biden DHS Secretary said. “They will not enter the United States.”  

By not accepting people who meet the legal requirements of asylee status, the Biden administration has turned its back on a campaign promise. More so, it’s seemingly for no reason other than those potential refugees come from backgrounds that vote on both sides of the political aisle.   

Meanwhile, a 2020 Pew Research poll placed the super majority of non-Cuban Hispanic voters as registered Democrats. Is it any wonder Biden is accepting refugees from landlocked nations, but turning away those fleeing from the island regime?   

Some have compared this to Biden’s comments on the Breakfast Club morning show in the lead up to the 2020 election. Infamously, the then-Democratic candidate said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”  

Commentators have noted Biden seems to have a strange obsession with dictating what’s acceptable for people with brown skin to think and believe. Jerome Hudson, author of “50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know,” had this to say in regard to Biden’s Breakfast Club comments,  

“Joe Biden let the mask slip in the most incredible way.  What a disgusting and despicable display of racial superiority, dominion, and ownership over an entire group of Americans.”   

Why is this administration refusing to stand by their campaign promises?  Why are they turning away legal asylum-seekers crossing by sea to reach our nation? The most blatant answer so far is that the Biden administration can’t guarantee these refugees will vote for them. 

In just a year we’ve gone from “If you have a problem figuring out if you are for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black,” to “If you have a problem figuring out if you are for me, then you can’t come to America.”

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Curtis Scoon

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The editor-in-chief, executive producer, writer, and businessman. Curtis is active in helping the black community by employing and providing services in the Washington, DC and Detroit, MI areas.

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