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The Alpha is now an endangered species

By Che 

Think back to grade school for a minute. Elementary, junior high, high school, it doesn’t matter. In every class you were in, there was always that one kid who stood out above the rest. The charisma, the swag, the way they commanded the room, they had “it.” Everything they did turned to gold.  

These “it” kids assume leadership roles effortlessly and appear to be confident in any situation. With this inclination to lead comes responsibility to the people that look to you for guidance. But just as there are people looking for guidance, there are also those looking in envy. They lie in wait, hoping an error is made so they can criticize and complain with no alternative solution.  

The Alpha is the author of the American Dream, where man can test his will against nature and rise or fall based on his own accord. Empires are built on the backs of these types of assertive, confident people who are strong enough to push the limits for the sake of progress. 

But for all the success and innovation the Alpha has brought to humanity, they’re still the first to be judged and the last to be praised.  

Today, the Alpha is an endangered species. Reviled in culture, the Alpha is viewed as the archenemy to all that is good and compassionate. The people who have felt like they could never compare to the “always picked first” kid have finally reversed the roles. The victim, not the victor, has become the new darling in this post-covid, post-George Floyd world. And how is anyone surprised? 

With success comes envy. Haters, people who can’t do what you do, stand on the sidelines criticizing all the players while never once getting in the game. They have no drive or determination to improve their lives even an ounce. These are called Betas because they live a completely controlled and subjugated life. 

Betas are the antithesis of the Alpha. They absolutely hate the fact that there are those living among them who do not portray themselves as victims. It burns deep within their soul that human beings just like themselves are accomplishing things they feel unable to even attempt.  

None of this is an accident. In fact, it’s by design. It’s a systematic effort to create a submissive, nonthreatening populace who’s will to be free has been eradicated. This is perfect for the tyrant who wants to increase their wealth and influence. And most importantly, for those who want control.  

Our culture is propagating the idea that the Alpha is the villain, and anyone who possesses the quality to lead is labeled as such until they’re shamed into submission. Not a bad strategy if you’re trying to eliminate competition. 

Imagine being in business and being able to convince your competition that making money was somehow unethical…while you keep making money! 2020 proved this theory like never before. The Covid-19 pandemic only accelerated the push to eradicate the Alpha mindset from humanity. The nationwide lockdown ushered in a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the ruling class elites like never seen before. This was devastating to small business owners. 

But again, that was the point all along.  

 Not only did mega corporations like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, etc., remain open, they did so while many smaller businesses had to close. This meant business that could have gone to local businesses were streamlined to the industry giants instead. The rich got richer at the expense of not the poor, but the ones trying to climb the ladder of success. 

Entrepreneurs, like those climbing the ladder, typically have Alpha DNA. They’re not content simply working a 9-5 making hourly wages and reporting to a boss for their marching orders. No, the entrepreneur wants to succeed or fail due to their own merits. They’re independent, driven, and unafraid to ruffle some feathers. 

You can see how competition views this mindset as troublesome. You can’t have people you’re trying to control, thinking they can be resourceful and independent. You can’t have the people you’re competing with believing they can overcome the obstacles that might stand in their way.  

No, it is far easier to defeat the competition when they’re demoralized and left feeling like any attempt to venture out into independence will be quickly thwarted.  

We also saw gyms shut down in the name of public safety. During a health crisis, people were encouraged to stay away from health clubs, places specifically designed to improve one’s health. But health was far from the target.  

Who goes to gyms? Certainly not the lazy and unhealthy. The consistent gym goer is again, of a certain mindset. Like the entrepreneur who wants to be in control of their financial future, the gym goer more than likely is a person who wants to be in control of their health future. 

These people are determined to not be dependent on “experts” for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They eat healthy, exercise consistently, and avoid many of the common practices that will find one in an ICU from chronic illness. 

How much money can Big Pharma make off someone who refuses to be sick? Whose pockets are getting fat from countless doctors appointments and prescriptions written? Not the guy who has taken control of his health and is not dependent on any health care plan to live his best life.  

We also saw sports come to a complete standstill as major professional leagues stopped all operations in the name of taming the virus. But it wasn’t just professional sports, youth and scholastic sports were deadened as well. High school athletes lost a valuable year of eligibility in order to quarantine and social distance, but what else did we lose? 

Couple the absence of sports with the emergence of the mental health phenomenon that has entered the sports discussion as of late. Many athletes, among them Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles and NBA superstar Kyrie Irving, have “taken breaks” from their craft to reevaluate their mental health.  

Now, maintaining one’s mental health is important, I’m not disputing that. However, we’re missing some key residuals that will come from this. One of those residuals is the idea that competition is unimportant, and in some instances, even frowned upon. 

When people who are paid millions of dollars because they’re the best at what they do refuse to perform their obligations because they’re in a “bad head space,” it sends a message that one can’t overcome their emotions. 

We all have obstacles to overcome. But, when you give people a crutch from the start by telling them that it’s okay to run from adversity, guess what people will do? 

Our youth have been stuck at home learning through a computer screen for over a year. Athletics have been removed altogether, leaving them alone in their room playing video games and scrolling social media. Being “outside” was discouraged by everyone. Interacting with other human beings was viewed as a possible deadly encounter. Competition has been discouraged as being inequitable. All the elements that produce a strong independent Alpha mind and spirit has been corroded.  

Let me tell you what the corporate overlords and their political flunkies didn’t forget to pass along: fear. Fear is everywhere in the new world order. Fear of viruses, fear of authority, fear of discomfort, and fear of other people have driven the headlines. If you watch mainstream media at any time of the day, the message is clear: you must be afraid. 

This fear addiction is the antithesis of the Alpha mindset. The Alpha views fear not as something to guide you, but to be overcome, conquered and defeated. To allow fear to dictate your every move is weak and submissive. It’s the lifetime employer mindset that lets all outside forces govern your every move, making you nothing more than a helpless wandering soul hoping your masters have enough mercy to keep you alive. 

If you’re the kind of person who wants control of your own life, who prefers to think for themselves, who doesn’t want someone or something outside of themselves writing their story, then you must know you’re being hunted. Your mind is a threat to the establishment of control. 

Your will to overcome is a secret that, if shared and allowed to metastasize, is a threat to the regime. Your unbreakable spirit and will to survive is a thorn in the side of those who want us to be subservient to a devious plot.  

But Alphas always overcome. There are always people who refuse to conform and stand strong in the face of adversity. It is those very people who forged ahead and created the greatest experiment in freedom the world had ever known. And it will be those same kinds of people who will ultimately save it. 

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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