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Brian Flores is being used as a pawn– and he may not even know it

By Che

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Brian Flores is a media creation. His lawsuit against the NFL alleging racial discrimination has pushed him to the forefront of the social justice movement. Thus, he’s primed to become a household name as a renowned freedom fighter ala Colin Kaepernick. Whether this translates into lucrative TV deals, or having an ice cream flavor named after him, remains to be seen. 

Flores is suing the NFL over racial discrimination practices after he learned via a text message conversation with Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick that the New York Giants’ head coaching position was filled days before Flores was expected to interview. 

He alleges that NFL owners are manipulating the Rooney Rule, a rule that requires teams to interview at least two racial minority candidates for vacant head coaching and/or executive positions. Flores claims teams are giving token interviews to satisfy the rule while having no intention of hiring them.  

Flores made similar allegations after a job interview with the Denver Broncos team General Manager John Elway. He alleges that the interview was merely a formality to satisfy the Rooney Rule, a claim that Elway has since vehemently denied.  

Flores was recently fired as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. After 3 seasons he finished with a 24-25 record and no playoff appearances. He started this past season 1-7 only to finish 8-1. That major turnaround that earned him a lot of praise, but not another season with the organization.  

The lawsuit is a gift to sports media like ESPN, who “coincidentally” just hired professional race baiter Angela Rye as a special “social justice” correspondent. They also have a new Colin Kaepernick documentary set to be released. Throw in that Flores is represented by Doug Wigdor, a high-profile attorney who gained notoriety as counsel in many #metoo cases, and you realize this isn’t about a head coaching job.  

I don’t know much about Flores other than he has a respectable name and was a position coach for the New England Patriots for 10 years before taking the Miami job. With that said, I don’t have enough evidence to call him an intentional grifter. I think it’s more accurate to say that there are grifters lurking in the shadows waiting to ride the Flores train to more clicks and likes. 

I don’t doubt that there are racist owners and executives within the NFL. It could also be possible that there are racist hiring practices in the league. However, Flores’s argument is not only a reach, but not really an argument at all. 

When asked what he wants, his response was simply to “change the hearts and minds of the (NFL) owners.” What that looks like, and how that can be achieved through litigation, is perplexing to say the least. 

This is the same playbook Kaepernick used when he claimed the NFL purposely “blackballed” him; to bring about social change within the culture of the NFL. Unfortunately, Kaepernick settled out of court for an undisclosed amount and cannot elaborate on the details of his argument. 

If Kaepernick was really concerned with “changing” the NFL and healing it from its racist past, why not let the evidence be presented in court? The answer is simple; that’s not what it was about to begin with. 

The proof is in the final product. Kaepernick went from being a potential lifelong backup quarterback making millions a year to run the scout team and hold a clipboard on Sundays, to multi-million dollar deals with the likes of Nike, Netflix, ESPN, Disney, etc. I don’t know many second-string players making those kinds of moves. 

Is Flores going down the same path? It seems that way. Flores is walking in lockstep with the overarching Marxist agenda. Wigdor even went so far on ESPN’s Get Up Live to call Flores the “Rosa Parks of the NFL”. 

Unlike Flores, Wigdor and co-counsel John Elefterakis laid out their expectations of the NFL, which includes a federal overseer of the league. And there it is. Another major industry titan seized by the ruling class. That’s what this is all about. 

They will tell you it’s about social justice and racial equity. Those are both lies. We are heading down a path of authoritarian control over every aspect of society. They’re using an emotionally charged topic like racism to usher in this agenda. So, if you resist, or take any kind of issue with it, you’ll be labeled a racist. 

Flores will ride his newfound cult leader status to a much bigger payday than he would ever receive from coaching football. Again, just like Kaepernick. The agenda’s mouthpiece, the sports media led by ESPN and its gatekeepers Stephen A. Smith, Angela Rye, Shannon Sharpe, and others, will lay the framework for what you’re allowed to think regarding the situation. 

It’s all a preplanned script designed to keep you from seeing the real problems. Instead, focus on the fake ones gifted to us by the Matrix itself.  

Here’s the reality; inflation, rising cost of living, crime, homelessness, drug addiction, unemployment, broken families, and the list can go on and on. That’s the reality that not only most Black Americans face, but Americans of every race. Instead, we’re stuck listening to millionaires quarrel over million-dollar paychecks. 

The media is nothing but a tool of the ruling elite. It keeps us focused on their issues and their causes. The NFL pays its players an average salary of $860,000 per year. 70% of those players are Black. Does the NFL have a race problem when it has done nothing but create more Black millionaires? 

If the cause is representation, then what is the recourse other than to force owners to only make personnel decisions that are approved by the federal government. This is Flores’s goal. 

This sets a dangerous precedence. One that pawns like Flores and Kaepernick are laying the foundation for. This is how you know Flores’s “change the hearts and minds of the owners” plea is just a smoke screen. What would that even look like? How will we know if he succeeded? 

These are the same tactics we’re presented with before every election cycle, where the Democrat Party promises to solve racism, climate change, and other “problems” that only ensure them more power for the next 4 years. Yet these same politicians won’t talk about their failed policies that have led to the maladies that plague the “not-so privileged.” 

The media plays the desired tune to keep the power structure in line. They don’t care how your pockets are hurting, or how your kids have to see adults use the bathroom in the street on their way to school. They don’t care because that’s not their reality. Because the mainstream media is a tool for the ruling elite, they only report on their problems.  

I understand that every problem is not equal in the eyes of everyone. You have your own problems that are yours and yours alone. So, I understand Flores’ grievances. However, I also think there are outside forces steering him in a more lucrative, but ultimately more destructive, direction. 

Activist lawyers, media talking heads, and others competing for more “representation” in the biggest slice of the entertainment pie are enriching themselves. They’re advocating an agenda that crushes the middle class to set up a more “equitable” two-tiered society where the haves rule over the have-nots. 

I hope the best for Brian Flores. But I think he’s already made his bed. He will be viewed as a martyr who was blackballed by the NFL for taking a controversial stance. But this stance isn’t controversial at all. It’s the same stance the mainstream status quo parrots daily. 

It’s the same narrative taught in universities and higher levels of education. It is also the same stance those greedy corporatists and their political flunkies use to manipulate people into usurping their power so they can “right a wrong.”

Not a “wrong” that actually affects people, but a made up wrong that is championed by the elites.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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