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Can Lori Harvey think like a woman and date like a man?

By Celeste Duffie 

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. And they’re like, it’s better than yours / Damn right it’s better than yours.” – Kelis   

Toxic femininity 

March is the commemoration of Women’s History Month. This is the time we celebrate the enormous contributions women have made to our country. While this is true, I don’t care. 

Frankly, I’m tired of reflexively genuflecting at the altar of the divine feminine, as if women magically float above criticism. Such an act would be tolerable if things were going well. But things are falling apart.  

It is inarguable that family is the organizing structure upon which society is built. But the sexual revolution wreaked havoc on the family structure. It encouraged women to champion policies and adopt mores that normalized non-traditional family organization, which fragmented families and destabilized communities in the process. This deterioration of society is evidenced by our collapsing marriages, poorly educated children, and our young population living in their parents’ basements masquerading as functioning adults. It is impossible to believe that things are going well. 

The state of play

If we are looking for someone to blame, I think women are a great place to start. Specifically, women have been the primary beneficiaries of the ensuing chaos, which currently leaves women in an impossible paradox. They are committed to maintaining the opportunities we fought for while simultaneously expected to police the excesses that are a predictable outgrowth of rapid, unchecked progress. 

The lives we’ve created are out of control, and everyone knows it. Many women have failed at enjoying the progress we’ve made and meeting our evolutionary responsibilities. And worse, we seem to be unaware of what their evolutionary responsibilities might be. It is impossible to correct a problem you are unaware exists, so some women meander along, aloof to the problems of their making, while simultaneously at the center of serious headwinds that could change society as we know it. 

It is time to admit that we have been complicit in hiding the negative consequences the sexual revolution has had on women. 

The death of west

The great Thomas Sowell said, “In life, there are no solutions, just trade-offs.”  

For 70 years, society has made several trade-offs to accommodate the aspirations of women. The sexual revolution of the 1960s, and the powerful youth culture that accompanied it catapulted the messages of free love to the mainstream. However, all this free love seems to come at a huge cost. The heightened divorce rates, rejection of personal responsibility, normalization of single motherhood, normalization of casual sex, and the fetishization of the female body have taken an incalculable toll on women. The refusal to address these issues has left yet another generation to rinse and repeat our failures in an even grander fashion.   

These costs bring Lori Harvey into focus as well as a recent conversation I had with a friend.  

Woman thou art loose

Recently, it was announced that Lori Harvey is “Instagram official” with Damson Idris. I innocently asked a friend how many men she’s dated. “Why does that matter?” my friend responded, “Isn’t she allowed to be young and have fun?”   

Resoundingly, I said, “No, she is not!” 

Before the commencement of pearl-clutching, let me say I harbor no animosity toward Lori Harvey. Also, I understand dating a man is not equivalent to having sex with him. Admittedly, I agree this is only an issue because Lori is a woman. Furthermore, I acknowledge that if she were a man, nobody would care, including myself. But why is that? 

This is because society does not depend on men to be virtuous. We do, however, need women to be virtuous. So, it’s a big deal when a woman is promiscuous or is merely perceived as promiscuous. Everyone cares, and for good reason. Many people wrongly believe female promiscuity has been subjected to a double standard. It is not; this disparity is based on an evolutionary reality.  

Years ago, when I first saw the movie “The Best Man,” I was struck when the groom, Lance, said, “For a woman’s virtue is a man’s greatest glory.”  

I am sure that this is a hard pill to swallow. Nevertheless, a woman’s virtue is largely responsible for civilizing society. History shows us that the presence of female femininity constrains the natural impulse for violence that is inevitable when men are left to their own devices. Men consistently claim that femininity is the secret to a woman’s power, and they readily admire and respect feminine women. Whether you believe it or not, most men view promiscuous women as masculine and therefore unworthy of respect.  

Men can be thots  

Recently, women have become hostile to the popular criticism primarily stemming from the manosphere. This is a reasonable reaction given how society has deceived women. Women have been told that we can do anything a man can do. However, this has proven to be untrue. Sadly, the more women interact with society like men, the more frustrating our lives become. 

Men and women are not the same. Not only are we biologically different, but more importantly, we serve different evolutionary purposes, with the most obvious differences regarding our sexuality.  

Society can easily accommodate male promiscuity because male promiscuity increases the propagation of the species. From an evolutionary perspective, male promiscuity extends life. Female promiscuity offers no such societal benefit. 

Laying it low and spreading it wide 

The sexual revolution duped women into believing that trading their virtue for sexual parity with men would disrupt the patriarchy. This demonstrates just how easily women can be manipulated. 

In 2006, researchers at Penn State published a journal titled “Scent of Father Checks Daughter’s Maturity” in Science News, in which they lay claim that “chemical cues from fathers may be delaying the onset of sexual maturity in daughters, as part of an evolutionary strategy to prevent inbreeding.” 

The article explained that “biological fathers send out inhibitory chemical signals to their daughters” and that “in the absence of these signals, girls tend to sexually mature earlier,” meaning that sexual maturity is escalated when the biological father is absent. 

Turns out Chris Rock was right. In his comedy special, “Never Scared,” when talking about becoming a new father, he famously joked, “my only job in life is to keep my daughter off the pole.” 

Your daddy stinks 

The same article says that biological fathers emit an undetectable smell in the olfactory sense called a pheromone. These pheromones serve an important evolutionary function. Firstly, they protect girls from incest by making them unattracted to their fathers and other male relations. While men can be attracted to many women, women, by comparison, are attracted to relatively few men. 

Modern culture has tried to normalize women who are sexually active with many men. Nevertheless, women who are sexually attracted to lots of men have been viewed by many as an aberration throughout history. 

The juice isn’t worth the squeeze 

I think we can all acknowledge that we are experiencing some level of cultural decay. The focus on new societal constructs has made the notion of “fatherlessness” a hot topic. The conversation is typically focused on the deleterious effects of fatherlessness on boys. However, little attention is paid to the impact of fatherlessness on girls.     

The article also cites experts who discovered a little-known pheromone receptor gene in the human olfactory system, linking the role of pheromones with the first occurrence of menstruation. A father’s pheromones delay the onset of a girl’s menstrual cycle, the appearance of which indicates the onset of puberty. By delaying the onset of the menstrual cycle, he is also delaying the onset of sexual interest that normally attends puberty, thereby keeping girls chaste longer.  

I’d argue this shows promiscuous women are dangerous, as their behavior is in opposition to their biological nature. The stability of societal structures depends on functioning men.   

Marriage and family are the primary institutions of civilized society, and they cannot happen without men. The unavoidable truth is men function better when women are virtuous. For whatever reason, virtuous women quell the natural tendency for violence and destruction in men, turning these attributes and energy into the building and flourishing of a successful society. Continuing to deceive young women into believing that their sexual behavior is of no consequence to themselves, or the larger society is more than wrong—it’s nihilistic.   

Predictably, most men who encounter promiscuous women usually determine that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. So no, Lori Harvey cannot think like a woman and date like a man.


Celeste Duffie

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