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The corruptive power of liberal ideology in schools

By Che 

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Recently, a clip from Piers Morgan’s show “Piers Morgan Uncensored” went viral because of an exchange he had with guest and author Angelica Malin. The segment also included Fox News’ Tomi Lahren and Talk TV contributor Esther Krakue. They were all on to discuss International Women’s Day, a celebration of women’s achievements throughout the world.  

The controversy started when Morgan suggested canceling the annual recognized day until we as a society could collectively define what a woman actually is. Obviously, Morgan was referencing the transgender movement that has attempted to redefine not just womanhood, but our overall understanding of gender. 

The idea that a human could change their objective physical nature because of their subjective feelings is something many would have laughed at 10 years ago. However, to not recognize this new phenomenon as “fact” is seen today as bigotry and outright hateful. This is why Morgan proposed the cancellation.  

The viral part of the exchange is when Morgan asked Malin if he could identify as a “black lesbian,” to which Malin replied that Morgan was being “absurd.” Just seconds before, Malin stated that anyone could identify as a woman without any sort of limitations and the process by which one identifies is completely up to the individual. However, when Morgan does just that, she objects to his self-identification. Why is this? Why do these trans rights activists scoff at one but not the other? It could be because they know Morgan is being disingenuous, but how did they arrive at this “knowledge” and how do they differentiate this from genuine self-identifiers?  

On a pro-LGBTQ YouTube channel called “Producer Entertainment Group,” a group of five black trans women (biological men) had a discussion on cultural appropriation. They were specifically talking about how Europeans, i.e., white people, have stolen pieces of “black culture” and claimed it as their own. This is a common argument today as cultures become more entwined with the mainstream. We see the Kardashians wearing braids/cornrows in what many label as appropriation. Yet, this group of “men” never once acknowledged the irony of this particular conversation. They carried on as if they themselves were not involved in appropriation of any kind.  

Five black men dressed in wigs and dresses, portraying themselves as women (and to be more specific “white women” because none of their wigs represented “black hair” in any way), spoke on the audacity of people claiming something as their own while they themselves appropriated womanhood. 

Angelica Malin says Piers Morgan is absurd to claim to be a “black lesbian” while he easily fits the criteria for self-identification that she, seconds before, validated. If it seems contradictory and hypocritical, it’s because it is. But that’s not the point.  

This is about power. Plain and simple. It’s not about “gender affirmation,” or “respecting someone’s humanity,” not at all. The people creating the narrative are doing so to have the power to define the parameters. They want to dictate what is right and wrong, moral and immoral, just and unjust. That’s it. 

Recently, “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams faced severe backlash when he responded to a poll that suggested almost half of black people didn’t agree with the statement “It’s okay to be white.” In his response, he said that white people should “get the hell away from black people.” Contrast this to when activist and former professor Robin Diangelo, a white woman, saidI think people of color need to get away from white people and have some community with each other.” There was no public outcry for Diangelo, no loss of income, no cancellation or anything remotely close. 

Angelica Malin tells Piers Morgan that he is being “absurd” by proclaiming his identity because in this new paradigm, she has the power to do so, no matter how “absurd” her reasoning is. The five black trans “women” can harp about cultural appropriation all while appropriating a completely different gender because they have the power to do so. 

Anytime you get into a debate with any of these people they always say the same thing: you don’t understand how gender works. Really? Why is that? Because gender has been redefined by the so-called “experts.” This is the source of their power.  

“Experts” exist on the campuses of colleges and universities. They are professors, researchers, and scientists. They are also bureaucrats and politicians, lobbyists and corporate tycoons. They control the institutions of higher education, media, and government. They fund “research” that serves their narrative and implement policy that reinforces it. It’s a conglomerate of networks vying for power and control, and it’s working.  

The shift came when colleges and universities were essentially given a blank check by the federal government in terms of subsidized loans. Tax dollars paid the tuition of students making it more easily accessible to attend college and get a degree. This also meant that universities could charge exorbitant fees because the people they were negotiating with were not using their own money; they were using yours.  

These institutions saw an opportunity to make money by expanding their target market. They could create more courses which meant hiring more staff, building more facilities, and endowing themselves with more money. Administrators were then able to justify higher salaries because they had to oversee more departments, departments that include “gender studies,” “liberal arts,” and “humanities,” courses that shirk the responsibility of giving a quality education that leads one to be productive.  

These courses are just as open-ended as the arguments they make. “Gender studies” becomes an infinite playground where these institutions can make a mosh of revenue-generating courses. Infinite genders mean infinite courses and ultimately infinite funds.  

This also serves the ideologues who have an interest in overthrowing the cultural and economic domination of the West. Chaos and confusion always stem from the eradication of logical boundaries. When foundational truths are questioned and ultimately destroyed, a power vacuum is created. Those with the authority to redefine “logic” and “truth” fill that void. This is the Hegelian dialectic in practice: create disorder and confusion by questioning long-established truths, allow the masses to quarrel over these definitions, and then, under the authority of “expertise,” redefine these “truths” all while assuming the throne through the back door. We are in the “quarrel phase.”  

The target is logic. The logical portion of your thinking must be challenged to create this chaos and disorder. Contradictory and hypocritical doctrines validated by the so-called “experts” leave the feeble-minded questioning reality. Redefining race relations, sexual orientation, and gender norms are part of the power grab. They alone possess the power to name things, to define the world around us, making what they say law.  

The game plan for these ideologues is simple: force the issue, force the definitions, and exploit our liberal society. They do not back down no matter how “absurd” they sound. 

They push until you fold. That’s it. They have the “experts” on their side, and they have no problem flexing this authority.  

They cannot define anything in logical terms. Where or how a person identifies themselves is relative to the individual, yet they scoff at the idea of a pedophile and/or rapist “identifying” as a woman to get access to women’s private spaces. They act as if this isn’t ever possible and turn a blind eye when it happens.  

What we have on our side is logic and reasoning. It doesn’t matter how many degrees, PHDs, titles, money, etc., one has; the truth is the truth. 

In the face of social backlash, we have to stand tall on what is real. Nobody is denying anyone’s “humanity,” but we are denying falsehoods that lead to the eradication of order. We cannot allow this to proliferate, and it only proliferates when we back down and bow to the agenda.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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