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Get ready for the One World Religion

By Che

In case you need further proof we’re living in apocalyptic times, 2022 will see a One World Religion Headquarters open in Abu Dhabi. It’s officially called The Abrahamic Family House. 

The complex is a collaboration between Pope Francis and Sunni Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb and is aimed at bringing understanding between the three Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  

If this is a globalist conspiracy to subjugate the human race and usher in a Biblical-like restructuring of society, they sure aren’t doing a good job of hiding it. They’ve ran constant propaganda demonizing nation-states and national sovereignty in order to ease the people into accepting the one world agenda. And now they’re openly talking about a one world religion.  

But, like everything else associated with this agenda, what they’re saying and what it actually is are two different ideas. 

Now, a One World Religion already exists. A new Holy Trinity has replaced the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This new religion has its own literature and prophets. It is the result of grooming people with a mix of what has been preached behind pulpits for the past two decades, a sprinkle of Jesus Christ and a whole lot of Karl Marx. 

The new religion has been taught across this nation inside lecture rooms in our nation’s most prestigious institutions. New disciples go out into the world and become fishers of men, or, to align with the new theology, “fishers of whatever one’s truth calls for one to be identified as.” Or something like that.  

The new religion is a Trinity not unlike Christianity. However, in the new religion, the State replaces God as the Father, science replaces sacred texts, and the mainstream media, entertainment industry, and academia takes the place of the prophets and/or messengers. 

The blending of faiths is nothing more than a move to consolidate power by consolidating the message. Radical doctrines have been able to infiltrate all areas of human interactions because of a natural digression away from religion. The result of this will be the eventual disbelief in a God altogether, a ripe opportunity for those who wish to fill the void by assuming power for their own benefit. 

In this case, the State will fill that void and become the highest god of the land.  

The “State,” in this sense, are those that control policy. A conglomerate of government and corporatists control policy. The government is the muscle wielding military power. The corporatists are the bankroll behind the whole operation. 

There are specific corporatists who have the most power, too, like Big Pharma, defense contractors, and financiers (Federal Reserve).  

This alliance of public and private entities created a behemoth of bureaucracy that has left the people stranded and at their mercy. In need of a savior and left to survive against the elements, they return like prodigal sons back to their “father”, the State. 

The State is their newfound god, who promises to provide for all needs. 

The people, out of fear and insecurity, relinquish self-determination for the comfort of the state’s lap. So, the State, having complete control, becomes the final word in matters of whatever it wants to intervene in. 

The god complex it assumes is the result of the power it accrues. The end goal is to eliminate all ideas and thought processes that do not agree with the state’s official narrative, as the youngest god assumes its role as Lord of the Worlds.  

The new religion even has its own sacred texts. Just as the Bible is the literal word of God according to Christians, the new religion refers to “science,” the infallible word of the State. 

We say it is the “word of the state” because the “science” that is published in the most revered scientific reviews are literally funded via government subsidies and corporate financing. The state uses its power and wealth to employ scientists and “experts” that are expected to promote the official state-sponsored narrative, a narrative that always leads to more centralized power. 

In this new post-Covid world, a new mantra is oft repeated amongst its adherents; “trust the science.” But this is the same “science” paid and bought for by the ruling class and for the benefit of the ruling class. Worse, it’s replaced a collective trust in God. 

Why would we trust God anymore when we have “science” to solve our every problem. When we say that “science” is the new religion’s sacred text, we don’t mean that actual science in and of itself is bad. Science is necessary for us to be able to understand the world around us. 

However, this particular “science” isn’t based on facts and empirical data, but instead the money that funds it. Remember the adage, “he who pays the piper picks the tune?” It’s the same with today’s “science.” Ultimately, it’s nothing more than propaganda used to further empower the very same people who purchased it. 

Now that we’ve established that a new “god” exists in the form of the state, complete with unchallengeable sacred texts in the form of “scientific reviews,” we have to discuss how this message is conveyed. 

Just like the Prophets of the Bible and Qur’an, the new religion has its own prophets preaching the new gospel to the world. These new messengers appear to us not as celestial beings much like the Archangel Gabriel, but as mainstream media personalities, celebrities, entertainers, and of course, academia.  

These actors, and I mean that in the literal sense, are nothing more than tools of the state. They are gatekeepers charged with ensuring that the people never venture outside of the prescribed narrative. They are “journalists,” “professors,” “musicians,” “athletes,” etc., and are all aligned with the state’s agenda of taking more power from the people.  

Like the religions of yesteryear, there’s a process by which the new doctrine is relayed to the masses. Here, the State pays for research that arrives at the desired conclusions. Then, these conclusions are published and validated by mainstream academia. The higher institutions such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, etc., canonize the new findings and disseminate it amongst its student population. 

It is academia’s stamp of approval that gives credibility to the state’s word. Once academia certifies the doctrine, it is the “journalists’” job to pump out the propaganda to the people.  

Another form of validity is the mainstream media. How many times have you heard people say that if something weren’t true, it wouldn’t be on the news. The news brands such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, etc., are believed much in the same way people believe Nike’s are the best quality shoe. It is brand recognition that further crystallizes the sacred text of the new religion.  

Finally, there are the countless celebrities, entertainers, and athletes who spew the same tired rhetoric. These messengers are probably the most important because they’re the most accessible. The average person isn’t studying Harvard Law Review in order to understand new policies and procedures. They likely don’t spend too much time watching cable news either. 

Instead, the average person is politically ignorant and accepts the prescribed doctrine via social media apps that gives them access to their favorite celebrity. These celebrities tow the party line in exchange for more exposure and job opportunities. All celebrities, in one way or another, are subservient to the people who sign their checks. 

We have been hearing the term “the new normal” as a way of preparing us for an entirely new world order. The messengers have been working nonstop to get people on board with this agenda.  

Anyone who dares to venture outside of the state’s mental grip is quickly corralled in by the gatekeepers. This is heresy according to the new religion. And heresy is the gravest of offenses in the eyes of the all-powerful State.  

The moral decline in this country over the past 20-30 years is a sign that this new religion is nothing more than a power grab for the elites. They don’t want God because they see themselves as God. They don’t want a populace with strong faith and convictions. 

Instead, they want docile, complacent, dependent people who will grovel at the feet of the state for the crumbs that fall from the table. God, morality, family structure, etc., have no place in this new world order. 

The idea that the “truth will set you free” has been replaced with the notion that subjective truth i.e., my truth, your truth, etc., can bring clarity and order to society. But it can’t and it won’t. What it will do, however, is demoralize people to the point where they’ll come begging for a savior. 

Only in the new religion, it isn’t “God in the flesh” hanging from the cross. No, it is the mind and spirit of the people who will pay the ultimate sacrifice so that the State will have everlasting life.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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