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Universal Basic Income: The ultimate power grab

By Che

A Georgia-based program called In Her Hands has launched “one of the largest guaranteed income pilot programs in the United States,” according to the Huffington Post. The program will guarantee 650 black women $850 per month for up to two years. Set to launch in 2022, it promises to distribute $13 million to its recipients. 

Universal basic income is a sociopolitical financial transfer concept in which all citizens of a given population regularly receive a legally stipulated and equal financial grant paid by the government without a means test. This is what Marxists refer to as a “redistribution of wealth.” 

In theory, wealth is taken from the “bourgeoisie,” the wealthy ruling class, and redistributed equally among the entire population. A great idea when read in an underground zine or heard in a highly passionate speech delivered on a university campus. However, it’s not something that translates well in the real world. 

In the real world, questions must be asked and answered. “Redistribution of wealth” is a loaded phrase that leaves a lot to the imagination. 

How is this wealth redistributed? Who determines how and where these funds are allocated? What will be the long-term effects of an entitlement program this size over a long period of time? These are just some of the questions gimmicky slogans don’t answer. 

What these slogans and catchphrases conveniently leave out is the invisible giant at the center of the debate, the government. The government is never discussed or argued in any way. It is the invisible threat that lies beneath the surface, waiting to show its head at the most opportune time.  

The government determines how our wealth is distributed, who it’s distributed too, and what it’s used for. This is implied in the entire argument consciously or unconsciously. The government stands to gain the most in this new power dynamic. 

In fact, this new dynamic exists solely to centralize power to the point where power itself becomes the new currency. 

In a world where everyone has equality with no means of mobility, power becomes the only form of value. It is the power to distribute wealth, control labor and capital, and determine the fate of the people that have the most value in society. 

That power falls not just into the hands of the government, but it’s corporate cronies. 

We have to understand what we are up against here. It is not simply the “government” that is the problem. It’s the alliance of government and large corporations who use their wealth to influence policy. The alliance colludes with each other to eradicate the middle class and transfer wealth from the people to the elite ruling class. 

The goal is total control of the people and resources by the ruling class for the benefit of the ruling class. And they are doing that with measures like universal basic income.  

On the surface such a ploy looks like a noble act aimed at allowing more of the population access to wealth and economic mobility. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is universal basic income is dependent upon tax dollars, which means that everyone will be forced by the government to participate in this program. 

The government will now be in control of a good portion of society’s wealth. This is a power move above all else.  

We also have to understand that corporate interests are a driving force behind this. During the early phases of the Covid-19 “pandemic,” the government forced small businesses to close while giant mega stores like Walmart were permitted to remain open. This stifled most small businesses, whose owners comprise most of the middle class. Coincidentally that’s the very objective of any Marxist-based movement. 

If this isn’t proof that a powerful alliance between the most powerful entities in the world exists, I don’t know what is. These past two years have been an exercise in deep state activities designed to turn the greatest nation on earth into a dependent welfare state. And it’s working.  

The Marxist agenda, and that’s exactly what it is, brings with it a great illusion of righteousness. As a former Marxist myself, I know firsthand what that means. 

Marxism, and by extension communism, portray the facade of being the answer that solves poverty, hunger, homelessness, and wars. It portrays itself as a populist movement working in the interest of the people, most notably the lost and forgotten people. However, the end game is more power and control in the hands of the state apparatus.  

The guaranteed income program in Georgia is the totalitarian state’s bait to gain public support of the control operation. Because the program is only for black women, you’re sure to spark an interesting debate over the issue of racism and equality. 

If you do criticize, or even question the legitimacy of this endeavor, you will be deemed a racist and a sexist. “You hate black women” will be hurled at you every time you try to log in. 

That’s the purpose of using black women. They provide an intersectionality that covers so many bases that if you dare hold them accountable, you’ll have most certainly violated some unspoken, illogical rule. That’s the perfect vehicle to push your radical agenda through.  

Our system works in America if it’s practiced the way it was intended to be used. The whole point of this experiment here in the US was to paralyze government. It was to make the government have to spend every single penny and be held to account for it all. 

This can only be done effectively if we severely limit what it can and can’t do. Until then, it will continue to expand. 

This is not radical thinking in the least. The nature of man is to want power. This thirst for power doesn’t stop when one has power, either. Power is a subjective benchmark in the first place. Very rarely do these power-hungry vultures quit after one successful venture. The nature of power is to expand, gain more, conquer more, and enrich itself more. You have to keep it in check regardless of how you feel. 

Nothing is free. Especially when it comes from an entity that has proven to take at the expense of the people. 

If you get your news from The Shade Room, you probably got excited when you first heard of this. That’s the point. You’ll see the carrot on the stick and run yourself to death trying to catch it. 

Meanwhile, the machine gets bigger, and we get smaller as the new power dynamic brings us all into total subjugation.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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