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How COVID turned Howard Stern into Howard the Coward

By Camino Chávez (@ElCaminoChavez)

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It’s remarkable how Howard “The Coward” Stern let pure cowardice soil his once great reputation as a fighter for freedom.

Legendary and formerly-relevant Sirius XM radio host Howard Stern thinks COVID-19 vaccines should be mandatory. This is despite the vaccine already supposedly protecting those who choose to get it, despite the omicron variant being less deadly than the flu and despite still being able to catch the virus while vaccinated. 

People’s legitimate individual health concerns for taking a rushed vaccine basically forced on us by Pfizer-sponsored media and Democratic-run government don’t matter either. Keep in mind, this is all for a virus with a 1.4% mortality rate in the U.S. 

“All I said was everyone should get the vaccine; it should be mandatory. This brought down a slew of publicity like I haven’t seen ever, it was mind-blowing,” Stern remarked regarding Joe Rogan’s COVID treatment plan last year. 

He added, “We’re trapped in a country with imbeciles. We have no time for idiots in this country anymore.” 

Yes, it’s “mind-blowing” that people don’t want to be forced to take the vaccine when those in the most danger can be vaccinated if they choose. The omicron variant is less dangerous than the flu according to the New York Times. Also, it’s not like pharmaceutical companies have an unblemished track record.  

This kind of authoritarian language, which is becoming increasingly common from the left (who, ironically, love to call everyone they disagree with a “fascist”), is alarming and disgraceful coming from Howard Stern, a former champion of free speech. More so, it is pathetically fueled by fear and his selfish annoyance at being inconvenienced.  

This also isn’t the only time he’s ranted about forcing other people to get medical treatment against their will.  

Last September, Stern ranted, “When are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say, you know, it’s mandatory to get vaccinated?” 

He added, “F–k them, f–k their freedom. I want my freedom to live. I want to get out of the house already. I want to go next door and play chess. I want to go take some pictures.” 

“F–k their freedom?” Wow. 

Howard, are you that much of a pussy that you can’t go outside in the open air and take pictures, or play chess next door with your neighbor? You can even put 3 masks on, and wear one of those ridiculous face shields over your terrified head if you like. 

It’s quite a transformation. We have the formerly fearless champion of free speech, the former “King of All Media,” willing to take away the rights of Americans to make their own health decisions. In some cases, that may even put their lives in danger. Ultimately, he is too much of a coward to breathe open air around people, even though he’s vaccinated, can mask up, and is obscenely rich enough to get any medical treatment he wants.  

Not only is he willing to take the rights away from American citizens, but he said he might even run for President and remove those rights himself immediately. 

“Now, I’m not into freedom,” Stern said. 

“I don’t feel good about what’s going on in my country. I might have to run just to clean this f–ing mess up.” 

“I could clean it up in two seconds,” The former Fartman said of a potential White House run. 

“Just the way Biden got us out of Afghanistan — that quick I’m going to clean things up. Boom. Right away.” 

Oh great, now Chairman Stern, our future totalitarian President if it were up to him, “isn’t into freedom.” 

What in the blue hell, then, makes you think you belong anywhere near the White House as the Leader of the Free World? 

He’ll “clean it up right away,” with force, I imagine. How else? Again, speaking like a true narcissistic totalitarian who thinks only his freedoms, health, and convenience matter.  

It’s alarming, but not surprising anymore, to hear this sort of communist dictator talk from the left. After all, they’ve let the Marxist fringe become mainstream.  

Yes, I know Howard Stern is a comedic talk show host who likes to provoke. He also likely isn’t serious about running for President. However, it’s clear by how much he emotionally repeats his forced-mandates rants that he mostly means what he says. 

Of course, he’s free to say what he likes. But it’s sad and irresponsible that a man with his audience is cheering on forced COVID vaccinations. 

In fairness, it’s no wonder Howard has been so miserable for the past 2 years:  

The NY Post reported, “In March 2020… Stern fled to his basement in the Hamptons. Over one year later and now vaccinated, as he first admitted on-air Monday… Stern still has no intention of ever returning to his Midtown studio, his luxury Upper West Side apartment, or any semblance of pre-pandemic life.” 

Wow. What an existence. Kind of like a groundhog.  

Sadly, I guess the King is dead. Long-live “Howard the Coward.”

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Camino Chavez

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