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No more mandates: There will always be more COVID variants

By Camino Chavez (@CaminoChávez)

What’s that, there’s another COVID-19 variant? Well, of course there is. 

Yes, the next letter from the Greek COVID alphabet that seems likely to go on forever is omicron (Well, really it was “Xi,” but we had to skip that to appease our Chinese Communist Party overlord). And the Pfizer-sponsored media has been trying its best to make us shit our drawers and move more units like they’ve done with the other COVID variants.  

It’s all so predictable, but thankfully, I think people are starting to get fed up, including many previously cautious liberals. 

No doubt, people must be getting sick of hiding from this Chinese coronavirus that has a meager .1% mortality rate. That rate is likely even less, too. Since so many people get the virus and don’t get tested, or don’t even know they have COVID and recover just fine, many recoveries aren’t recorded. 

I am one of those individuals. Back in March 2020, I was one of the first wave of people in the country to contract an extremely mild case of COVID-19 before vaccines or testing were available. It was one of the mildest illnesses I ever experienced, and I recovered at home in about two days. 

I later learned I contracted it from an antibody test two months later and having the “no taste” symptoms. This story also describes the COVID experience of some of my friends and family. How many others had COVID, never were tested and recovered, therefore not adding to the mortality rate data? 

Many hospitals across the country further pad the stats because they’re monetarily incentivized to claim COVID-related deaths. While several hospital officials deny that they would lie about COVID deaths, can we actually believe them with Pfizer and Moderna’s influence over our politicians, government agencies, and corporate-owned media? The same ones obsessed with getting every man, woman and child vaccinated, and exerting as much control on the populace as they’re permitted to? 

We also see the authoritarian-like treatment of citizens from otherwise free nations around the world. This includes detainment camps, forced lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and other draconian measures in Australia, Austria, Germany, and Canada, among others. We are seeing the beginnings of this in our own country, too, with people being fired for refusing to take rushed vaccines that some report can cause dangerous side-effects

Recently, New York City Mayor de Blasio mandated that all private sector workers must be vaccinated, as well as having proof of vaccination of all 5–11-year-olds to be able to enjoy indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment. This oppressive mandate now requires two vaccine doses, up from one before. 

All of this points to a dystopian existence that strips people of their rights, shuts down businesses, sinks markets, sucks joy out of our lives, keeps us isolated, negatively affects our mental health, and keeps children from interacting with each other in pivotal years of their social development just to avoid a virus with a likely less than .1% mortality rate. 

The left claims to worry about hospitals being overwhelmed by COVID patients. Yet, they cheer when many of our nurses and healthcare professionals get fired for refusing to take a vaccine (is it “My body, my choice” still? Or nah?). 

Keep in mind, most of these nurses were probably exposed to and contracted COVID already and survived it; why would they want to risk taking a rushed vaccine with possible side-effects if they know they don’t need it? 

In what world do these extreme measures make any sense, particularly when you can still contract and die from COVID-19 despite being vaccinated? 

Yes, the virus can be dangerous to at-risk individuals (all of whom can be vaccinated, boosted, masked, and take every precaution they see fit). However, is it worth shutting down the entire world every time there’s a new variant? Is it worth it to force people to take rushed vaccines for a virus with an almost 100% chance of surviving in the “Land of the Free?” 

Also, if you haven’t noticed, there will always be a new variant. It’s not going away.  

When will we take off these annoying, disgusting chin diapers and say, “Enough is enough. I’ll take my chances, and everyone else can decide for themselves how much risk they want to take on?” 

I think it’s time that all reasonable, fed-up people stand together and tell overreaching health dictators to calm the fuck down, back off, and let us go back to living our lives. We tried it your way for almost two years, but now it’s time to get back to normal. Let’s not let fear sink the entire national ship and make us forget why we live our lives in the first place. 

We have vaccines, boosters, and new treatments to protect you in the rare case that your life is endangered, for those that choose to make those health decisions for themselves.  

Statistically, you’ll almost certainly be safe, but you can hide out forever if you don’t feel up to it. The rest of us have our lives to live and an economy to maintain. 

We don’t need medical decisions made for us and our children. We shouldn’t allow your cowardice to turn us into state-controlled hermits in a dystopian, authoritarian, anti-social state.  

Truly, enough is enough.

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Camino Chavez

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